Oct 16, 2014

Join the Open Snap Best Food Photo now!!!!

Great news for food bloggers. This is your great chance to win some fabulously amazing prizes!!! Most of the food bloggers should know about this Open Snap application already. But just in case you do not know, you can download the app here... OPEN SNAP

aeon voucher

Anyway, just for your information, the Best Food Photo contest is organized by OpenRice Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

open snap best foodie

The Best Food Photo contest is opened to everyone with a smartphone.  So what are you waiting for, Grab the opportunity to possibly win yourself RM1000 or even the latest iPhone 6 in some of the categories available!!! Opportunities like this do not come by too often. The contest will be on going from the 9th October until 31st December 2014!!!! 

open snap best food photo

For rules and regulations/ terms and conditions, check out :TNC

food photo of the month

foodie of the month

Check it out now... I will definitely be joining so hey, if you come across my picture please like it yaaaaa.... hehehehe

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