Oct 23, 2014

Disney's Big Hero 6 - Help Spread the Love, Care and Plenty of Hugs!

Baymax understands that growing up isn’t always easy, and sometimes we need to show our buddies that we care, and, we are there to support them…but sometimes (let's be honest) that can get a bit weird and awkward! So…we want to spread the Baymax Hug!

A funny hugging ritual that will help you deliver the message of “I’m there for you pal” without making everyone red faced with embarrassment! We will be creating a kick-starter video that will instruct people on how they can begin their very own #BaymaxHug movement among their friends and family so watch this space soon.

We hope the way Baymax cares for his buddies will inspire people to show support to the people they care about, and what better way than by giving them a #BaymaxHug! But don't forget if you receive the #BaymaxHug, then it is up to you to pass it forward to another buddy, so that the movement continues!



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