Oct 31, 2014


I love my kiwi..Did you know Zespri Green kiwifruit is full of actinidin (an enzyme that helps with protein digestion) and fiber. They are essential to help promote healthy digestive system.

kiwi benefits

Actinidin enhanced the digestion patterns of all the proteins tested, yet results varied between proteins as some experienced reduced levels under the first phase of digestion while others showed reduced levels only after the second phase. At the end of in vitro digestion (both simulated gastric and intestinal), the Green Kiwifruit extract was found to be most effective at enhancing digestion of WPI, zein, gluten, and gliadin:
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI): Actinidin had no positive effect on digestion in the gastric phrase, yet did enhance small-intestinal digestion. WPI reduced to 59% residual protein in the small-intestinal digestive phase when present along with kiwifruit extract, pepsin and pancreatin.
  • Zein: No data are available from the gastric phase due to low solubility of the protein, but the presence of kiwifruit extract along with pepsin and pancreatin in the small intestine resulted in 61% undigested protein.
  • Gluten: The kiwifruit extract produced an improvement in small intestinal digestion, but had no effect in gastric digestion.
  • Gliadin: Overall, actinidin appeared to enhance the digestion of gliadin under simulated gastric plus intestinal conditions.
Including Green Kiwifruit as a regular part of your diet may give the upper tract digestive system support in processing proteins and may serve as a digestive aid.  Actinidin, the protein-dissolving enzyme in kiwifruit, helps the digestive tract break down certain proteins and alleviate the sensation of an overfull stomach.  Kiwifruit is also a good source of soluble fiber, another digestive aid.  (sourced from http://zesprikiwi.com/)
Did you know that before I ate kiwi I used to have constipation, people with constipation will know how difficult and hard it is to clear your bowels but since I started on the kiwi diet, going to the toilet is so smooth and easy and I feel so much lighter. I swear I am loosing weight just by eating kiwi everyday too!!!!

Go on... get on your own diet regime and make sure you add kiwi for better results!!!!

Kiwi fruit art


  1. love kiwi but long time i had them since my kids love oranges

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