Aug 3, 2022

Movie Review 2022 - Gadis Jolobu The Movie

When my friend asked me to review “Gadis Jolobu The Movie”, I was like ok, another local movie to review, let’s not put too much hope on it ok!?! On the day of the review, I was telling my friend that I hope I did not fall asleep in the cinema, because I had a few very exhausting back to back days of events and I was tired…

So I attended the movie gala and was truly bowled over with the celebrities and even Negeri Sembilan royalties that graced the event and even watched the movie with the rest of us…. Gulp…

“Gadis Jolobu The Movie” is a comedy story that tells the story of three old bachelors who face the ups and downs in looking for the right woman.. 

The curse of “Lambat Sunat, Lambatlah Kahwin”  (late to circumcise, late to marry) often plays on their minds making them try harder to find their soulmate despite facing various setbacks…. 

Directed by international local director CL Hor, who has directed films in China, Hong Kong and even South Korea, the funny movie co-stars Joey Daud, Khir Rahman, Nizam Laksamana, and Dato Hattan's own son, Adam… as well as beautiful new actress and tv host Ahirine Ahirudin.

The film highlights the elements of “adat pepatih” and the uniqueness of the Minangkabau culture of the local community in Negeri Sembilan. Dato Hattan has starred in a movie before, and if not for a fact that this new project features the Negeri Sembilan dialect, he probably won’t have considered acting again.

The movie, a collaboration between Zebra Studio and Tremendous Entertainment was filmed mostly at Kampung Lonek, Negeri Sembilan…

My personal thoughts of the movie? Well I couldn’t sleep despite my exhaustion as the movie was just superbly done and absolutely hilarious… we (the audience) along with my media friends laughed so much during the movie.. It certainly was well directed and so much better then the trailer and what I expected… so yeah go watch it!!!!

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