Aug 25, 2022

Anak Rimau - the Movie review

Anak Rimau or “Junior Tiger” is another feel-good football film which will be showing in cinemas nationwide soon!!! This movie which comes after the success of Ola Bola and Suatu Ketika is a production of Keeklr Films, and will premiere on Sept 1 to mark our Malaysian National Day 2022.

This inspirational story centers on a group of young teenage footballers from different backgrounds who does their best and shed blood, sweat and tears as they train hard and await their moment of glory to be full-fledged members of the national football team Harimau Malaya with the target of winning the ASEAN cup.

Naturally, not all is hunky dory or smooth sailing and along the way, they learn many useful lessons, such as teamwork, family values, true friendship and the never-say-die spirit.

Beto Khusyairi character as Coach Zainal was truly without any doubt amazing... and so was the characters Ariff, Tuck, Badrol, Maru, Pak Arab which were all well casted and well acted out by their respective actors….

Anak Rimau The Movie also introduces a new young acting talent in Idan Aedan as well as showcased two young under 14 category footballers from the Akademi Bola Sepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari (AMD) !!! 

Ahmad Daniel Hakimi Ahmad Azmil @ Kechikimi and Hanz Daniel Skelchy are actually two real-life Anak Rimau who have played in major stadiums around the country!!!

Although Anak Rimau the movie completed most of its shooting in 2019, Covid-19 posed many challenges to the film and has caused an inevitable delay of its premiere to 2022. Despite it all, the Anak Rimau production team persevered with the intention of playing a vital role in reminding Malaysians that no obstacle is too big and that we can overcome any challenges together as one united nation. 

Apart from this, the film also highlights that good will always come to those who have the faith and courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves and others, just as depicted in its tagline - “bola itu bulat.”

YB Senator Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports (KBS), commended the Anak Rimau production team for their strong determination in filmmaking, saying, “It must have been a great challenge for the cast and crew of Anak Rimau to successfully produce this astounding feature film despite the challenges during the pandemic. The journey towards completing the movie is a strong display of dedication, leadership, and resilience by itself - all of which are also embedded within the key messaging in the Anak Rimau movie to inspire the youths to reach for the stars and bring pride to our beloved country.”

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