Sep 10, 2014

feeling sick

I am feeling down the weather at the moment. Yesterday, I found some old Double X vitamins from Amway on clearing some stuff and cleaning the house. On checking the expiry date , it was still good as the expiry was next year, so I took one each from the three sachets. There are 3 because one is supposed to be the vitamins, another the minerals and the other is supposed to be phytonutrients.

Double X – The Ultimate Multivitamin 

In just two doses a day, get all these essentials and natural plant ingredients from every color on the phytonutrient spectrum:
  • 12 essential vitamins.
  • 10 essential minerals.
  • 20 plant concentrates for superior antioxidant power, with: Tomato, Blueberry, Broccoli, Cranberry and Pomegranate.

 I think it must not have been good anymore because immediately I felt nausea. However I brushed it off and continued to do my things. 

Then I went out with hubby and little girl for a meal and manage to eat only 1/2 of my noodles. When I came home, I rushed to the toilet where I threw up everything as well as had a case of diarrhea.

I took a sachet of Maalox with some water. Maalox is quite pleasant on the stomach and taste. It taste of lemon, and soothes gastric.

I was on the verge of cancelling the night's activity as I had to send something to someone as well as attend an event, However I felt better and continued.

Fortunately everything went ok though during the event I felt discomfort but I brushed it off... 

When I arrived home... I was feeling so tired and bloated and it was my precious little one who nursed me. She helped me up to bed and she put some "minyak gamat" on my stomach. God bless her!!! What can I do without my kids, especially my little one. They are so precious.


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