Sep 2, 2017

How to clean your washing machine...

You might think that your washing machine must be clean since water is constantly passing through it, but what would you say if I tell you that your washing machine could be as dirty or even dirtier then your toilet?

Isn’t that scary… I know it sure is for me.. and the sad or horrifying part is it is true.. and this is because things such as detergent, food and bacteria actually build up inside our washing machine.

When frequently used over time detergent and fabric softener build up inside our washing machine causing soap scum, the same one in our bathroom walls and floor.. and when this happens, any food residue stuck on our clothing when is released into the wash can sometimes stick to the slimy soap scum and stay in our machine.

After some time, these soap scum loosen, and are released back into the water and can find their way back on to your clothes and that is why you sometimes find debris on your clothing and also why sometimes your clothing still stinks even after a wash…

We Malaysians do not use hot water to wash our clothes since we already live in a hot climate, and this also plays a big part in the cleanliness of our washing machine, washing at low temperatures does not kill bacteria and therefore live bacteria can also build up inside your machine. In one load of underwear there could be up to 100 million E.coli bacteria in your machine… yucks… scary right…

And that is why everything needs to be cleaned once in a while, and a washing machine is no exception.

So let me run through again the reasons why our washing machines have excessive build up…
-          We frequently use fabric softener
-          The washing machine is connected to an outside water tank
-          Frequent use of washing machine (eg big family, tradesman’s work clothes etc)
-          Washing machine is about 3 years old or older and never cleaned before

You can actually remove these dirt through dismantling the washing machine and cleaning it manually, which are services offered by a number of external contractors or electricians, and these may cost up to RM300 depending on the Year, Make & Model of your washing machine, but another problem happens when re-assembling the washing machine. This is where a number of people will start complaining about problems – due to problems after re-assembly, or even the lack of knowledge or experience from the electrician to do it correctly.

But no worries, Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Schelly is the answer to these solution, being the No.1 best-selling brand in Taiwan! One box of this comes with 3x cleaning powder + 3x AG+ Silver Ion, and can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria such as Staphylococcus that causes boils,impetigo, food poisoning, cellulitis, and toxic shock syndrome; E.coli that can cause bloody diarrhea; Candida albicans that causes yeast infections and vagina irritations; stubborn build-ups, odors, prevents mold and most importantly, keep our family washing machine clean so we really have clean and fresh smelling clothing for the entire family.

What I like about this product is that it has also laboratory-tested (SGS Labs) to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this product, and just so easy to use…

All we need to do is to set the machine to the largest load setting on a normal wash cycle minus any clothing, and once the washing machine is full of water, open a sachet of the cleaning powder and another sachet of the AG+ Silver Ion powder and let the machine run for 5 minutes before stopping it and letting the water soak

During these period, you will probably find dirt and grime floating in the water…, so get a sieve and just scoop it all up.

After about 2 hours, you can then let the washing machine run its course as usual minus any clothing and complete its cycle . Once done, just clean up any residue or let it run again-like I did…

Personally I find this heaven sent and my daughter and I were horrified at all the dirt floating in the washing machine tub…

After using these, my clothing definitely smelled cleaner and fresher then ever courtesy of my cleaner and happier washing machine…

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Schelly can be purchased online at at a promo price of RM25 per box (NRP:RM33.90) + delivery. 

Future availability at supermarkets will be announced soon. 


  1. OMG! I so need this for my washing machine...Never even thought of cleaning this..

  2. Tested this product as well, works like magic for me. It's good to give the washing machine a good clean once in a while.

  3. Waaa I never know about this thing. Will let my mom know too hehe

  4. i never wash my washing machine too!!!.. OMG..thanks for writig this..will wash it immediately

  5. I like this product too. Now must clean my machine every now and then

  6. I saw this at Jaya grocer! People even selling online! Was wondering how it works. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I almost spill my coffee while reading your post, haha.. Geezz need to check my washer tonight. Thanks for your tips!

  8. I almost spilled my coffee seeing those dirty, hahaha! OMG need to check my washer too! Thanks Meira :)

  9. Wow really can see all the dirt coming out. I have not wash my wash machine for a long long time.

  10. Hi everyone! I read from other blog that the end users having their machines damaged post cleaning job. Anyone has similar experience+

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