Aug 31, 2017

Mrs Worldwide International 2017 results and winners...

Mrs Worldwide 2017 pageant has crowned a new winner, the lovely Mrs Estonia, Triinu Akimseu who won the title of Mrs Worldwide International 2017… followed by Mrs Siberia, Evgenia Golovina as the first runner up and Mrs Korea, Younhi Park as the second runner up respectively…

The glitzy event showcased these gorgeous and beautifully poised married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage as well as the ability to be positive role models to other women around.  The pageant tested participants for factors such as intelligence, personality & talents proving without a doubt that married women can still shine as brightly as the stars they are given a chance.

The pageant was held recently at the Singapore Island Country Club, with contestants hailing from about 23 countries around the globe to take part in the beauty pageant.

Besides the top three winners, there was also a Mrs Worldwide Special Queen Award 2017 for
ReissJaden Mrs Worldwide Malaysia, Eileen Tan; Mrs Worldwide Singapore, Angelina Lek and Mrs Korea, Younhi Park…

The Top 10 Mrs Worldwide finalists were -
1) Mrs Worldwide Estonia
2) Mrs Worldwide Korea
3) Mrs Worldwide Netherlands
4) Mrs Worldwide New Zealand
5) Mrs Worldwide Samoa
6) Mrs Worldwide Sri Lanka
7) Mrs Worldwide Ukraine
8) ReissJaden Mrs Worldwide Malaysia ( Bkay Nair)
9) Mrs Worldwide Siberia
10) Mrs Worldwide Singapore (Michelle)

It certainly was a big achievement for Malaysia in an international pageant to get a spot in the top 10, so congratulations Bkay Nair for doing us proud.

ReissJaden Mrs Worldwide Taiwan, Jennifer Yue Xia was also looking very beautiful and elegant on stage, being a true beauty from Taiwan. Don’t these gorgeous women just motivate us to make us want to be more positive, beautiful and confident just like them.

The lovely National Director for Malaysia and Taiwan Dato Reiss Tiara was also at the pageant supporting her charges, looking just as resplendent and beautiful as her girls….

Besides the 10 finalists, the Mrs Worldwide subsidiary awards went to….
Best National Costume - Mrs Worldwide Kazakhstan
Best Evening Gown- Mrs Worldwide Russia
Mrs Photogenic - Mrs Worldwide Siberia
Best Body- Mrs Worldwide Thailand
Best Catwalk - Mrs Worldwide Netherlands

Best Beautiful Skin- ReissJaden Mrs Worldwide Malaysia (SK Tan)
Mrs Friendship - Mrs Worldwide Ukraine
Mrs Best Smile - Mrs Worldwide Siberia
Mrs Congeniality - Mrs Worldwide Samoa
Mrs Queen of People choice - Mrs Worldwide Philippines
Mrs Woman of Inspiration- Mrs Worldwide Africa
Mrs Most Encouraging Woman of the year - Mrs Worldwide India (Diana)
Best Talent Award- Mrs Worldwide Sri Lanka

Congratulations to all ReissJaden Mrs Worldwide Malaysia 2017, you did us proud with your achievements….

Congratulations too to the main grand winners as well as the subsidiary titles for Mrs Worldwide International 2017 seen here with the founder of Mrs Worldwide International 2017, Madam Justina Tan and the lovely National Director for Malaysia and Taiwan, Dato Reiss Tiara... you did well ladies.. and are an inspiration to all us ladies out here...


  1. Congratulations to all the Queens. Their gowns look resplendent. What a glitzy night it must have been. Wished I was there to witness the crowning.

  2. Congrats to all the beauties! They looks so pretty and confident =) They all deserved it!

  3. They don't look like Moms! Ohh dear they are all gorgeous! Blessed with amazing genes :)

  4. Wow all the contestants are so gorgeous! Congrats to the grand winner.


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