Aug 14, 2017

Those who are eligible for zakat....

I was browsing through Youtube when I came across this video by the PPZ-MAIWP... 

I have to say that it was eye opening and touching when the man went to pay his zakat and was greeted and thanked by different people from the asnaf community.. It definitely surprised him and well, it was an eye opener for me as well since I only thought that Zakat was meant for the poor and needy, which is well true to some extent... However, what I did not know was that zakat was also given to amil (those employed to administer the funds), as well as my fellow muallaf (those who have embraced Islam) as well several other different types of people, so I did my research and well... 

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Here are the 8 different categories of people may rightfully receive zakat... 

1.         Fakir - One who does own material possession; and has no means to sustain his/her daily needs.
2.         Miskin- One who has insufficient means of livelihood to meet his/her basic needs such as a single parent – widow or divorcee in need, someone whose spouse is in prison or whose family members incurring high medical bills due to chronic illness  and/or mental / physical disability.. A family with insufficient household income because of a large number of dependants may also apply...
3.         Amil- One who is appointed to collect Zakat and the expenses incurred in the administration of Zakat. Disbursement to Amil includes Administration cost and Training cost  
4.         Muallaf- One who recently embraced Islam. 
5.         Riqab- One who is freeing himself/herself from bondage or shackles of slavery. This would probably refer to those who need assistance to pursue their education, usually children of Zakat recipients. Disbursement for Riqab includes education grants for needy families
6.         Gharimin- One who is in debt and needs assistance to meet his/her basic needs. Disbursement for Gharimin includes assistance for outstanding basic necessities bills e.g. utilities bills and service and conservancy charges
7.         Fisabilillah- One who strives in the cause of Allah for the betterment of the community. Disbursement to Fisabilillah includes Religious programmes, Mosque leadership and management, Madrasah development and assistance, Youth development and engagement, Dakwah and public education, Islamic education and Community development
8.         Ibnussabil- Stranded travellers on a permissable journey. Disbursement to Ibnussabil includes Financial assistance, Food assistance and Return air ticket to home country...

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Zakat is the compulsory giving of a set proportion of one's wealth to charity. It is regarded as a type of worship and of self-purification. Zakat is the third Pillar of Islam and by the way did you know that there is actually a difference between zakat and sedekah.. as seen here in this video

And well there are so many other educational video clips you can find about zakat and also Islam when you subscribe to the channel.. it is after all great to learn a few new things occasionally or be reminded of what we are suppose to do in life after all...


  1. i never realised there were so many types of zakat, and appreciate how one is even for stranded travellers!

  2. Kan... kadang-kadang people uses the money for whatever reason without knowing that zakat is by entitlement and not public

  3. zakat kena bayar.. walaupun untung berniaga hanya 10rggt..2-3 ringgit dalam untung tu masih milik orang yang layak..

    mari berzakat..��

  4. As a non-Muslim, this is certainly an eye-opener for me. The Christians also have their "zakat" as in a fixed amount from salary to contribute to the church.

  5. I really love your blog content here. Its open up the mind to people that saying that we pay zakat for what. Good job sis.

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  7. It's late finding this act. At least, it's a thing to be familiar with that there are such events exist. I agree with your Blog and I will be back to inspect it more in the future so please keep up your act. zakat

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