Aug 1, 2017


Hada Labo, the Japanese skincare brand well known for its hero product lotion, has introduced their new breakthrough innovation in their range of lotion products. 

This new Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion offers a unique approach to lotion where it promises users like you and me, a brand-new experience in hydration like no other.
Combining the best part of water and oil, Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion enables oil to adheres on the skin retain moisture while the water penetrates deep into skin to infused skin with abundant of hydration. A single pump patted on the face is all you need in exchange for a well hydrated, soft, smooth and supple skin all day long.

Using the nano encapsulated and dispersion technology, Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion nourishes like oil and feels like water. The plant-derived squalene oil in this lotion is encapsulated and disperse onto skin through nano-dispersion technology to ensure the oil is solubilized in water to give you a transparent, ultra-light, pleasant and comfortable feeling without leaving any oily &
 sticky residues when applied onto skin. It also provides skin with ideal oil and water balance to ensure skin stay hydrated and fresh for long hours.

To top if off, the Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion contains Vitamin B3 and E, which serve as a great source to help keep the skin soft and smooth all the time. Because it is pH balanced, free of animal derivatives, fragrances and colorant, the Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion is suitable for users of all skin types. 

To obtain a better result, use twice a day after Hada Labo cleanser.

Directions of Use: Just pump the Hydrating Oil-In Lotion one time onto the palm and gently pat onto face until it is thoroughly absorbed.

Boost your skin with ample moisture using Hada Labo’s Hydrating Oil-In Lotion! Priced at RM69.90, the Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion (220ml) is available exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide. 


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