Aug 3, 2017

Self Victimization, Blackmail and spreading the Hate...

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People want to be noticed, to be wanted, to be loved, to walk into a place and have others know who you are...

We live in a world full of different people with complex backgrounds. Everyone have their own story to tell, but no matter how interesting everyone’s life may seem to be, only a small few get the spotlight in the media, some for the right reasons and others for the wrong reasons.

In the past, you become famous because you had an incredible talent, or have probably achieved some amazing feat - something that makes you stand out...

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However, today with the internet and social media, almost anyone can put themselves out there for the entire world to see. This is why some people or even animals can become famous or viral for the wrong reasons, and I feel that it has become a major issue. But why do people focus their attention on someone who has purposely endanger themselves for the sake of notoriety and infamy, rather than a person who has made a huge difference?

Taken to its extreme a person, usually a woman, obsessed with being famous at any cost can be considered a fame whore... these people are desperate and will do anything to be famous. They will betray anyone. They will humiliate themselves and the people around them.

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I think the term is Self-Victimization.. where these people cast themselves in the role of a victim. It is pretty much like what a little kid would do - crying crocodile tears, sulking when they don’t get what they want, when they want it. These people never grow out of using the “poor me” strategy.
It is just part of what is considered Personality Disorders, where these so called 'victims' will start campaigns with interesting stories... to arouse the sympathies of others, even if they might appear ridiculous to the smarter people observing them... because, face it, sometimes these campaigns get them what they want - attention and fame...
Self-Victimization is used quite strategically to elicit sympathy from others but what others do not know is that, sometimes, these also gains the sympathizer's assistance in supporting, enabling or hiding possible abusive behaviors in these so called 'victims'..

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One such person I came across recently is a girl name Tanya HF.. This girl is clearly twisted and likes to make herself a victim in the hopes of gaining free stuff/ free treatment, refunds, and of course, with all that black mail the companies she deals with as well of course,  to getting all the attention and so called 'compensation' she wants.

 She claimed that she had a bad experience with the companies.. or even being imprisoned by some housing developer and heaven knows what else... and her modus operandi is when she does not get her refunds or 'compensation' and such, she starts up social media pages to boycott the companies such as a certain social media page called, "Are Malaysians Consumers Stupid" which got many people's attention where she started by digging up some 'killing orang utan fiasco' news that happened ages ago that was rumoured linked to a housing developer to gain people's support and start accusing the company of all kinds of things from flooded toilets, flooded corridors and putting her in jail....

Above here is some snippets of conversation between Tanya HF and Desmond Tan from MKH, and from what I clearly glean from this is Tanya HF is not a nice person and can be truly unpleasant and nasty.. sorry.. it is what my thoughts are, and unwilling to understand or compromise...(credit to
And like a few other people, I strongly feel Tanya HF started and run the FB page "Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid"  and even has a few  different accounts and pretended to be different people to arouse other people's sympathy, anger and feelings...
I believe that we should give people a benefit of a doubt, as well as there are always two sides to a story but well, even when the housing developer MKH tried to defend itself with their memos and explanations, Tanya, and her alter egos,  haters and supporters pooh-poohed it and try their best to bring it down.. 

And the funny thing is whenever a few people raised questions and tried to figure out what is going on or maybe even defend the other party which is namely the housing developer, their comments get blocked and deleted.  I was one of them.. and all I did was comment something along the lines of "really?" And it was deleted and I was blocked...

Anyway she did it before a few years ago, creating a facebook page to boycott A Cut Above, just because her hair got frizzy abd spoiled after some hair treatments she was warned before treatment but still insistant on doing... 

So if you open that page and open the "Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid" page, you can see the similarity there.   

So ironically.. if you really believe and support the "Are Malaysians Consumers Stupid" page.. chances are you might be... Sorry....., rude of me, I know, but its exactly what I feel...

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 Tanya, her many alter egos and her merry band of hate supporters are being very unfair to pin the blame on the company just because dear Tanya cannot get what she wanted .. easy money.. or whatever she had demanded.. for a small mistake the company did..

If I was going to be like Tanya HF, then I would probably have open a hate page for AirAsia because my flight was delayed the other day... And another hate page for Giant Food Court, just becase they put bean sprouts in my noodles when I told them not to.... And the list goes on...
Grow up girl, get your personality disorder treated if you must by a good psychiatrist (or are they afraid to take up your case in case you turn around and accuse them of something?) and live like a responsible and honest citizen.... this self victimization card is pretty annoying...

Note-  pictures and gifs taken from google and do not belong to me...


  1. this is a very good advise and it should be a reminder to everyone too.Thanks for sharing!! - Racheal

  2. Good article. Interesting thoughts for a Malaysian. Keep on writing.

  3. Her real name is tanya hyacinth longinus NOT tanya hyacinth fernandez.

    Her digital marketing agency is

    There is another blog about her here too.

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