Aug 3, 2017

Annabelle makes heads turn in Malaysia

Annabelle is in town.. and well she has been raising eyebrows causing some people to recoil and jump back in fright while others gets closer hoping for a picture with her...

I was one of the lucky ones who got to meet this sweet and adorable doll.. my daughter was actually more excited then I was to meet her.. ok.. to be honest I was a bit scared of her at first, but upon seeing her, how could anyone not fall in love with that sweet innocent face...

LOL... Well, I have actually been expecting a scarier looking doll, and so this replica version of her is actually not that scary...

So it was fun taking pictures with her.. and we had a little project date with her at a few different areas such as Pavilion KL, KLCC and the KLCC LRT station... 

Yup, this was where the RapidKL quick thinking admin chanced upon her while a couple of blogger friends Tommy and Fish were busy trying to position and pose Annabelle and took the opportunity to come out with a witty warning that became viral overnight...

Two photos of dear Annabelle taken at the entrance of the KLCC LRT gate entrances and another dear Annabelle taking a ride on the MRT became viral with a witty caption..“Dear valued customers, lately we've been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle.  Mind your manners while you're on our trains or....she will haunt you FOREVER,” on Facebook with the hashtags #annabelleisnear #citizenwithmannerswanted #forabetterfuture.

And yes, that triggered up a meme.. see how creative people can be.. hahaha

The next day Annabelle continued her little sightseeing tour with blogger friends at the Dataran Merdeka/Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad as well as the creepier Pudu Bus Terminal... Before she was spotted at Sunway Pyramid....

If you do want to meet her and haven't had a chance to, no worries.. Annabelle is still making appearances so be sure to catch her at the following spots.. if you dare... But come on, she is just so sweet...  I won't mind a game of hide and clap with her... Hehehe

And while you are at it, find how how this sweet and innocent doll became evil in Annabelle: Creation in cinemas from 10th August 2017... Hahaha....


  1. hello Annabelle! Nice post haha. can't wait to watch her in cinema

  2. Hi... even anabelle going for tour ya...

  3. I don't want friend friend you... hahaha.. dreaming of Anabelle two nights d... - Racheal

  4. Lol.. That was a scary movie series.. The response was hilarious

  5. huhu.. i never want to see Annabelle inreality or film.. im scared.. haha

  6. Annabelle is just so ccreepy, can't watch that film.

  7. Oh gosh..i penakut la sis..its a nightmare for me..

  8. Haha Annabelle is every where! So creepy lo. Meanwhile, this creative idea is a huge success to attract people before the movie release.

  9. This is so creepy but you guys make it to attract a lot of attraction! I won't dare to watch it too.


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