Aug 15, 2017

Getting more beautiful the NATURALS way...

NATURALS by Watsons now comes with a classy new look as well as an upgraded formulation at Watsons stores nationwide.

Yours truly who is a fan of natural, cruelty-free and dermatologically-tested products was definitely excited to learn about it... After all, all who knows the Naturals brand, knows that the brand only uses certified organic ingredients of the highest quality, sourced from around the world and their formulations are free from parabens, colourants and isothiazolinone, making it just ideal for everyone whatever your skin type is.

So well, Watsons stores nationwide now offers its Naturals range of products with the new brighter and much more attractive packaging and enhanced formula

We were delighted to see the unveiling by Watsons Malaysia country head and general manager Caryn Loh at the very  “naturally beautiful” event setting along with Watsons Celebrity friends Thanuja Ananthan and Arja Lee along with social media influencers Jenn Chia, Miko Wong and Syifa Melvin. Also in attendance were Watsons Malaysia customer director Danny Hoh and head of trading Foo Hwei Jiek.
So here is the run through of what the Naturals Range are...

This range only uses certified organic olive oil and natural olive fruit extract from Italy, so our skin and hair is infused with vitamins and natural fatty acids for intense moisture. 

Olive fruit extract is also rich in antioxidants and hydroxytyrosol, which protect the skin and restore the hair’s vitality.


Sourced from Morocco, argan oil can provide intense nourishment for thirsty skin and dry and damaged hair- something I need badly.. huhuhu.. Argan seed extract can also improve elasticity, resulting in youthful complexion and smooth, shiny hair.


African Marula offers incredible protection for our skin and hair. The contents of certified organic marula oil, which is rich in essential nutrients, has a protective element, while Marula Butter has hydrating effects for softer skin and more resilient hair.
Aloe Vera

Experience the soothing benefits of aloe vera sourced from UK and USA. The gentle formula contains certified organic aloe vera juice that repairs the skin barrier and combats dryness to soothe itchy scalp. Natural aloe vera extract also conditions the skin and moisturises the hair.

Prestige Rose

Combining certified organic rose water sourced from Bulgaria, Morocco and France and natural rose oil from Bulgaria, the formula has soothing, astringent and nourishing properties with an aroma-therapeutic scent to relax the mind and body.

Blood Orange

Did you know Italian Blood Orange effectively doubles skin brightening efforts, using organic blood orange oil to reduce hyper pigmentation and blurring imperfections. Yeah, I only also just learn about it...

 Meanwhile, certified organic blood orange extract protects our skin from environmental factors.

Paw Paw

The latest addition to the Naturals by Watsons range – Australian Paw Paw quickens repairing action using certified organic Paw Paw leaf infused oil, which soothes and repairs dry skin. Organic Paw Paw extract also replenishes moisture for healthier-looking skin.

So go and get beautiful the Naturals way now... head over to any Watsons stores nationwide or Watsons e-store...


  1. Wow...lots of range to choose from! I also think I need to get the Argan hair is dry :(

  2. I using Naturals products too. Support natural ingredient

  3. I tried their Argan oil for hair one. Its good!

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