Aug 12, 2017


 Astro will be celebrating Malaysia’s 60th National Day, with a Negaraku campaign bringing all Malaysians together for a month-long celebration.

Astro's focus this year is to recognise and celebrate every day, ordinary Malaysians – and this means our grandparents, parents, and all of us who worked hard to make this country a better place.

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Astro, speaking from the cozy little kopitiam called Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock during the media launch said, “Our Negaraku initiative, celebrates the unsung heroes – ordinary Malaysians – like nurses, miners, rubber tappers, teachers, construction workers, who represent our forefathers and mothers, who helped build our nation through grit, hard work and perseverance, and in the process, laying the foundation for us to excel.  We have a lot to be thankful to our predecessors, and we should continue to build on this foundation for future generations.”

“We urge all Malaysians to be part of this campaign by paying tribute to their own unsung heroes by sharing their stories on: Through this link, everyone can view stories of everyday ordinary Malaysians that makes our country extraordinary.”

In conjunction with the 60th National Day, Malaysia is the proud host of one of the key sporting events in the region - the 29th SEA Games (KL 2017). Astro is also delighted to be the official broadcaster of KL2017 and will provide four channels in HD on channels 802, 803, 804 and 805 via Astro and NJOI. Meanwhile, Astro digital platforms will have four exclusive channels on Astro GO and NJOI Now, with a total of 8 channels, free for all Malaysians to view on their mobile devices.  

This year, Malaysians can watch 40 new programmes and over 90-Malaysian-themed titles available on demand, on Astro Go and on NJOI Now, namely:  
Anak Merdeka, a 6-part miniseries supported by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, and available exclusively on Astro, is, set against unique times and events in Malaysian history, retracing the trials of a nation through three characters weaved across 6 historical decades; 
Road To Nationhood: Formation Of Malaysia (Part 2), a historical documentary film from 1957 to 1965; 
#theblackhawkdown (Wira Keamanan), an untold story of Malaysian war heroes; 
Surviving Borneo, which looks into one of the toughest tribes of Borneo; 
Di Puncak Dunia , a series featuring outstanding Malaysians who have made their mark in the world; and, 
Sixty, which showcases personal journeys of 60 interviewees throughout their journey of helping the nation’s growth. 

These drama/stories/documentaries will be available over Astro from 15th of August until Malaysia Day on 16th of September.

Anak Merdeka 
Astro GO/ NJOI Now
Astro Prima, Astro Mustika HD, Astro Xi Yue HD & Astro Vaanavil: 26th August – 31st August, 9pm

Anak Merdeka re-traces the trials of a nation through three characters, weaved across six decades. Set against unique times and events in Malaysian history, our hometown heroes Salleh, Boon and Devi go through struggle and hardship to overcome great odds by looking out and taking care of one another. Through their honest pursuit of happiness, they become heroes in their own right. #kitasamahero

Road to Nationhood: Formation of Malaysia (Part 2)
Astro GO/ NJOI Now
History Channel: Saturday, 16th September, 3.10pm
Prima & Maya HD (Episode 1): Sunday, 17th September, 8.30pm 
Prima & Maya HD (Episode 2): Sunday, 17th September, 9.30pm

Road to Nationhood: Formation of Malaysia is a 2-part historical documentary film chronicles the period from 1957 to 1965 that traces the formation of Malaysia which features unseen archive and footage from the past, relived through advanced and cutting edge visual effects (VFX). The documentary’s main focus - to account untold stories of the political and economic struggles and the founding fathers of Malaysia such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Tan Siew Sin as told by close associates, family and friends.

#theblackhawkdown (Wira Keamanan)
Astro GO/ NJOI Now
Prima & Maya HD: Thursday, 31st August, 11.00pm
Astro Ria: Saturday, 16th September, 5pm

In October 1993, Malaysian UN peacekeeping forces in Somalia were involved in a daring rescue mission when rebel militias shot down two US Black Hawk helicopters. More than 100 Malaysian troops together with US commandos were ordered to extract 70 US rangers trapped under fire from rebel troops in Mogadishu Bokara market. This documentary will trace the historic event, from documented evidence and personal recollections of our war heroes, who sacrificed their lives in dare devil mission. 

Surviving Borneo
Astro GO / NJOI Now
Discovery Channel: Sunday, 10th & 17th September, 9pm

In Sarawak, central Borneo, aboriginal tribes depend upon this knowledge every day just to survive. You need to know how to hunt, to live nomadic and how to gather. International television host, and star of ‘Sabah Earthquake Decoded’, Henry Golding descends from one of the toughest tribes in Borneo, renowned for their head hunting, in days gone by. Learn the ways of the tribe, and you learn the ways of becoming a real man. So Henry will embark on a mission to go back to this roots, to venture deep into the interiors of Borneo to learn the ways of the tribe - to learn first-hand what it takes to survive Borneo.

Di Puncak Dunia (Extra Ordinary) Malaysians
Astro GO/ NJOI Now
Prima & Maya HD: Every Saturday & Thursday, 26th August – 16th Sept, 10pm
Astro Ria:
(Episode 1 – 5) Every Saturday & Sunday, 2nd – 16th September, 6pm
(Episode 6) Sunday, 17th September, 10am
(Episode 7) Sunday, 17th September, 6pm

The extra ordinary Malaysian series is a timeless feel good series featuring outstanding Malaysians who have made their mark in the world. Many of them are unknown to us. It is not Merdeka specific and is meant to be translated into English, Mandarin and Tamil as the characters we have identified are multi-racial. 

Ep 1 – Everest - Jejak Ke Puncak
Ep 2 – Datuk Nicol David - Ratu Skuasy Dunia

Ep 3 – James Tan - Wira Angkasa 
Ep 4 – Khairul Idham - Anak Kampung Pelumba Dunia
Ep 5 – Harith Iskander - Bukan Sekadar Komedi
Ep 6 – Paralimpik Emas 
Ep 7 – Azizul Pocket Rocketman  

Astro GO/ NJOI Now
Astro AEC: Every Saturday, 26th August – 16th September, 7pm 

Through “Sixty”, the audience will be able to get to know the difficulties faced by 60 interviewees who are born from 1957 to 2016. Watch as interviewees share their life story in their respective areas while in the journey to help the country’s economic, social, educational, medical and other aspect of growth. 

For more information on the Negaraku #kitasamahero campaign, log on to:


  1. Looking forward to watch some heart-warming movies that carry such meaningful messages of unity and togetherness. The venue was so apt for this event.

  2. I'm looking forward to this. Malaysia should really stand United. Happy independence in advance Malaysia!

  3. Yeah, we are anal merdeka. And I can't wait to celebrate 60th year of Merdeka.

  4. so much to watch for this blessed merdeka month! ❤ - racheal

  5. Selamat hari merdeka. They are lot ofof event for this month.. yihaaa.

  6. What a great initiative to celebrate Malaysia Day and also celebrate the living Malaysian heroes of today. It is very encouraging and inspiring and hope many people will also follow their advocacies.

  7. Happy Independence Day Malaysia ! <3

  8. I got too much interesting stuff on your blog. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work. Sam Lee

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