Aug 22, 2017

Mrs Malaysia Worldwide International

Being married does not mean letting yourself go. In fact, when you are married, you really should do your best to keep yourself looking great and confident, and with that, your husband would be reminded of how blessed he is to have you as his wife...

Women are amazing beings that often under estimate themselves. They get into their multiple roles effortlessly by being a wife, a mother, a daughter etc. Many women enjoy accumulating life experiences, just like I do. Some of these women still can make time for community services and to help better the world we live in... despite their hectic life juggling everything...

Years ago, married women did not participate in beauty pageants, but however, nowadays, these beauty pageants have become somewhat important to our society as recognition as well as showcasing a woman's grace, intelligence and beauty as well as making her a source of inspiration to the others. 

Mrs Worldwide is such a beauty pageant for married women to recognize these gorgeous women for their achievements, poise, intelligence and beauty...

And this year, the Mrs Worldwide International is being held in Singapore, and well, Malaysia is sending three gorgeous representatives there...they are none other then....

 Eileen Tan, who is a founder and director of Dream Factory Entertainment;

 SK Tan, who is an image and makeup consultant; 

and Bkay Nair, who is a Principal Consultant of Bkay Nair Resources...

These three gorgeous ladies are representatives of ReissJaden Mrs Malaysia Worldwide International and ReissJaden's Ambassadors who have been selected by the Singapore organisers to represent Malaysia during the Miss Worldwide International 2017 pageant which will be happening  on 22 August 2017 to 28 August 2017..

The Mrs Worldwide International 2017 pageant consists of beautiful world class beauties from all over the world

Mrs Taiwan Worldwide International, Jennifer Yue Xia is also a ReissJaden Ambassador and a contestant, bringing the total of ReissJaden ambassadors to 4, with the lovely Dato Reiss Tiara being the National Director of Mrs Malaysia Worldwide, also appointed by the Singapore Organising Committee...

Dato Reiss Tiara is one of the prominent socialites in Malaysia, and is also a former beauty queen herself.  Dato Reiss Tiara won the Mrs Malaysia crown in 2013 and went on to become the National Director for the beauty pageant. 

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Dato Reiss Tiara is also a wine-making entrepreneur who launched her own Malaysian-made wines with her own label which is none other then ReissJaden.

The ReissJaden wines are table wines, which can be enjoyed chilled at restaurants or at home, produced from natural products, made from Malaysian fresh fruits such as ginger, lemon, ginger-lemon and pineapple with 14.5% ABV. There is also a strong coffee liqueur with 40% ABV. 

Dato Reiss Tiara strongly believes in beauty with a purpose and she endorses and contributes to the 'I'm finished with fins' awareness campaign as part of her CSR campaign. 

On top of that, the beauty queens has been seen visiting the Yi Xing USJ Old Folks Home where they paid the old folks a visit and pampered the old ladies with some face masks and so on as well as doing their part for society...

Just so you know, the Mrs Worldwide International 2017 judging criteria is base on..:
  • 40% Personality
  • 20% Beauty
  • 20% Confidence
  • 10% Poise
  • 10% Q&A

Anyway, I just want to wish the four lovely ladies along with the ageless and beautiful Dato Reiss Tiara all the best in the coming Mrs Worldwide International pageant and may the best lady win....


  1. 40% is Personality. But how they judge or anything to be referred on personality?
    I like the photo which the grandma with the mask on her lovely.

  2. The first paragraph of your sentence is so poignant! Definitely, as women, we play a very important role to society and life itself and must never let ourselves go ❤

  3. The first paragraph of your sentence is so poignant! Definitely, as women, we play a very important role to society and life itself and must never let ourselves go ❤

  4. Mrs Malaysia looks hot and they are so confident in them self. Impress with their braveness.

  5. That's why is hard to keep up being, young, beautiful and sucessful.. Not easy to be a "perfect" woman. Haha.

  6. well done, Dato' Reiss Tiara and the team for making Malaysia proud :)

  7. Good Luck Malaysia!! I hope Malaysian will win..

    btw they are so beautiful..sob sobs

  8. wow! congrats to all contestants, all so lovely, all the best to Malaysia :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. Inspiring women! Lots to learn from them...We can continue to fly even higher after marriage.

  10. I love your intro statement. I agree, marriage is just an addition to a woman's life and shouldn't be the cause of vanishing on who she is before that. This pageant is an inspiration :)

  11. love reading this... so inspired! - Racheal

  12. love reading this... so inspired! - Racheal

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