Aug 28, 2017

Home decor ideas that do not burn a hole in your pocket

Our lives which are forever changing should also be reflected in our living spaces. I read somewhere that it is recommended that we upgrade our home decor a few years once, especially our bedroom as it is the place we spend most of the time in, resting and sleeping…. 

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A perfect bedroom should be a haven of relaxation that enables us to switch off and get a great night’s sleep, and so yes, I am in the midst of planning some changes on mine since it is getting pretty dull and boring and am in need of something new and refreshing. 

But the thing is, I do not have much of a budget since I have to struggle to make ends meet… and maintain my family…

Some pointers given by experts to decorate your home would be to re-paint your walls every 12-24 months as a couple of new coats of paint can really refresh/revitalise the room! Many people are kinda scared to paint their walls a bright color, I really do not know why because to me it is just sooooo pretty…

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To be honest, I would love to have a bright red and white bedroom -  having stayed in the guest bedroom of a friend’s home in Cambridge, UK before, and falling in love with the room or I would also love bright blue and white bedroom walls but my hubby is baulking at the thought of it..

So, sighhh… I guess I can only add color through accessories. Lovely blankets , vases, paintings, pillows and rugs are a wonderful way to add a pop of color.  Color can actually make your living space a happy and more vibrant.

Other than that, you might also like to invest in a nice mirror or organising some more storage due to what you have collected over the last few years, and yes, I can be a bit of a hoarder, though thankfully not so much like some of those super hoarders.. lol

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And well, having a lovely little chandelier in the bedroom might just make it more romantic and dreamy…
There are a number of little changes you can make throughout your home—as often as you like!—to give a space a new look that won't cost an arm, a leg, or an afternoon. Here are some easy decorating tricks.

Today's fun share comes from Jordan of Jordan Hebl Photography. She writes, "I used the Alphabet Frames to make a word collage, which I printed with Mpix. I the

If you happen to have kids who love drawing or doodling and have a drawer full of their artwork which you have been keeping, Or maybe if you are like a hoarder like me, and keep some newspaper clippings from a special day in history, or cool drawing or print, take the time to frame these artwork and mementos. Just pop it into an inexpensive frame and hang it on an empty wall, and your home will instantly feel more personalized and homey…

The cheapest decorating trick someone pointed to me is well, go shopping in your own home. How do you do that.. Well, you just need to rearrange what you have and are currently using and you'll notice a huge impact!

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If you are kinda tired of that arm chair you got last year or so, you could actually just get a sheepskin or a simple throw to give it a fresh new look. The extra layer can work wonders in a flash.

If you're going for a modern look, give your furniture some new looks by perhaps lowering your furniture—by either removing or shortening the legs.  A different coat of paint, and designs.. you could remove or add shelves to your book shelf and so on…

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 One very easy way to add colours and comfort to your home would be by getting some throw pillows or cushions. It is just simply convenient and you can just move the pillows/ cushions around from one room into the next and vice-versa can change up your color schemes with little effort, or if you have do, get simple yet trendy new cushion covers that will blend in with what you have in mind….but often they will.

So these are some of the home decor ideas I have in mind to refresh my room… what about you.. what would your ideas be like….


  1. I'm in the process of designing a house myself. I'm pretty sure your pointers will help me. Especially such inexpensive ideas. Great!

  2. Love the tips! My sister would love it as much too. She redecorates her home more than me. I prefer a warm down to earth cosy home

  3. Thanks for the home deco idea! Sometimes is just need some touch of art and creative to turn the room become a pretty cool room!

  4. A perfect bedroom should be a haven of relaxation that enables us to switch off and get a great night’s sleep, and so yes, I am in the midst of planning some changes on mine since it is getting pretty dull and boring and am in need of something new and refreshing.
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  7. Love your decorating! You have a real talent for doing this. Kitty looks like he enjoys it too.


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