Aug 7, 2017


Mamonde has opened its 6th beauty counter at Parkson KLCC, with its latest brand concept ‘Journey of Flowers’.

This new concept debuted earlier in the year when Mamonde’s flagship store in Myeong-dong, Seoul, Korea received a facelift with a fresh new interior design as well as new customer experience through various brand and product touch points within the store.

This latest concept ‘Journey of Flowers’  improves customers’ experience when visiting the boutiques or beauty counters so that they are able to immerse themselves in the vitality and beauty of flowers which are used in Mamonde products. Among the key highlights of the new flagship store in Myeong-dong include a Signature Flower Zone – an educational section where customers get to learn about flowers, Scent Zone – a sensory area where customers can satisfy their sense of smell with Mamonde’s aromatic flower scents and also a DIY Fun

The interior design of Mamonde’s new counter at Parkson KLCC also features an illustration of Mamonde’s very own pressed-flower pattern that is created in collaboration with Rachel Pedder-Smith, an illustration painting company. As for the services offered at the counter, in addition to skin consultation, the new counter also offers 1-minute Flower Touch Hand Massage which is offered complimentary to all its customers.

Mamonde is offering exclusive gifts with purchase of RM180 and above; additional gifts with purchase of RM350 and above; as well as an additional gift with purchase of RM500 and above. Apart from that there is also the Early Bird specials, and beauty buys with savings of up to 49%.

Mamonde is a skincare brand that mainly uses only flowers as its key ingredient coupled with other natural ingredients in its formulation. 

Mamonde fans should be delighted to learn of two new Mamonde products which were also launched, that is the Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher. These products are available at all Mamonde beauty counters nationwide.

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick (2.3g*4), RM99
This multipurpose, portable eyeshadow quad was developed using the highly blend-able formula alongside exquisite pearls and colours for easy eye makeup. Unlike any other ordinary eyeshadow, the Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick comes with a smooth and moist texture that does not irritate the skin around the eyes area, nor does it leave any traces of powder upon application over the eyelids. In addition, its White Flower Complex (which comprises Madonna Lily, Edelweiss and Lily Magnolia) helps keep the skin around the eyes moisturised. 

It is easy to apply even for those who are not use to using make up because with just a single touch, this fine, smooth baked powder with the highly-pigmented formula, blends evenly on the skin to give it a rich saturated colour without looking heavy and mottled on the eyes.

The Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick is available in 5 colours, namely No.1 Golden Beige, No.2 Laura Coral, No.3 Burgundy Pansy, No.4 Pale Purple and No.5 Rosy Road.  
Step 1:  Lightly apply and spread the base colour (#2) over the eyelids.  Step 2. Apply the medium colour (#3) up to the centre of the eyelids and blend the colours.
Step 3. Give a touch of the deep colour (#4) along the lashes to add dimension to the look.
Step 4. Add an extra touch of the highlight colour (#1) at the centre of the eyelids and along the under lashes for a shimmering effect.

Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher (7.5g), RM 59  
This newly formulated blusher offers a selection of fresh colours to brighten up your complexion. Using highly pure powder materials and special grinding technology alongside an oil binder that functions to bind powder particles resulting in a clear, pure and sheer colour on the cheek. Moreover, the Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher is also formulated using the Flexible Binder System to hold powder particles in ensuring a clear and longer lasting colour on the skin surface. The Flower Pop Blusher contains no shimmering pearls, but it comes with a coat of camellia oil that promises a glowing complexion once applied onto the cheek.  

Packaged in a clear, see-through round casing, the Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher, which also comes with floral fragrances, offers customers 6 different shades of colours, namely  No.1 Pansy, No.3 Daisy, No.5 Peony, No.6 Camellia, No.7 Rose Bay, No.8 Ginger.    


  1. Mamonde’s new counter at Parkson KLCC has an exquisite interior.. And great range of products as well

  2. Indeed a beautiful design. I've never heard of Mamonde but am amazed by the concept of using flowers.

    // afifahaddnan

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