Aug 9, 2017

Shop, Share & Earn with Shopplus On-The-Go System

So yours truly was invited to the grand launch that took place at Aloft Kuala Lumpur's Ballroom.. the grand launch was attended by Y.B. Datuk Chua Tee Yong, Deputy Minister of International Industry & Trade together with VIPs, Media, members and guests. 

So, congratulations Shopplus... Shopplus is now officially launched with their first On-The-Go System in Malaysia which will provide Malaysians an enhanced shopping experience with a shorter waiting time for Taiwanese products and the potential to be part of the growing e-commerce market in Malaysia...

Hmm.. how? Oh well, Shopplus is Malaysian driven initiative online shopping platform that is supported by a Taiwanese technical group with an e-commerce twist. The On-The-Go System actually allows you to convert your spending to earning. 

All you need to do is shop, share and earn your cash backs and shopping points from the system. Don't you think that it is amazing that you can actually make an astonishing side income by just spending money...

Hmmm... what can you find in Shopplus??..

Shopplus is divided into 6 major categories; Fashion, Digital & Electronic Goods, Home & Living, Sport & Leisure, Baby & Kids and Automotive, with various prominent brands to cater to the mass market. There is also a Halal page created.. However, since they are still new in the Malaysian market, they are currently expanding their brand portfolio to accommodate to everyone out there.

Shopplus actually has one of the strongest bonus rebates that offers their shoppers a three-tiered divined return with a fraction of an effort of sharing and shopping, according to Mr. Cheng Chun Fu, Chief Technology Officer of Shopplus.

The system was brought in from Taiwan where the users can be part of the growing e-commerce industry in Malaysia without having to invest a huge amount of time and money. It is a business platform where all you need to do is shop and share it with your friends and you can actually earn through this economy sharing system... I for one find it pretty interesting...

With Malaysia being the future of the eWTP Digital Free Trade Zone, Shopplus is the first of its kind to bring to life an online retail and e-commerce platform, which its strategy and incentives are aimed to bring triple benefits to Malaysian shoppers...


  1. Another place for me to do my shopping. Will check this out to earn my credit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Converting spending to earning? Must really check this out!

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