Aug 15, 2017

THE TWEE from South Korea is now available in Malaysia...

A great many people are fans of the 'Korean Wave' or better known as 'Hallyu', which is definitely no stranger to Malaysians today. The 'Hallyu' fever has made its way here to Malaysia as well as the rest of the world as fast or is it faster then some outbreak.. through motion pictures, tv drama series,  music, food, fashion, hairstyle, make-up and other products that we, the so called 'Hallyu' fans cannot help but be fascinated and attracted to..

Anyway, for 'Hallyu' fans, the latest thing to hit Malaysia designed with an array of apparels and accessories, would be THE TWEE, which recently set foot in Malaysia alongside its huge Korean fan base...

THE TWEE debuts with its latest collection in Malaysia at its first Southeast Asia flagship store KL Gateway Mall, Bangsar South, with each of the pieces designed and imported from South Korea.. With over 30 contemporary looks of THE TWEE’s latest collection feature bright and balmy colours, depicting floral patterns for both men and women as it represents Korea’s current warm and florally weather, that is also the latest fashion trend in Korea. 

THE TWEE will be bringing us the latest of Korean trends which are also made to suit our humid Malaysian weather.

THE TWEE has grown as the best Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel brand in Korea, which, now operates more than 40 stores in Korea and has expanded to China with 8 stores retailing its collections. With its first Southeast Asia flagship store located here in Malaysia, it aims to drive consumers from all over Southeast Asia to Malaysia as it intend to be one of the go-to fashion stop for consumers. 

Excited yet??  I sure am and can't wait to go check out the outfits for me and my girls...

For more information about THE TWEE, please follow:-  

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  1. I like their collection :D
    It's like they scream SUMMER and i am feeling motivated to feel summer all year round.

  2. Yeah. Looking forward to shop with Twee. i into Korea fashion too.

  3. I love the first and the last piece in the collection. Others has all the prints which feels really tropical.

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