Aug 7, 2017

Trying out SEP Jeju Mask Packs....

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Watsons Malaysia, I was given a chance to try out these pretty amazing set of face masks... 

I have to admit, I love using face masks especially when I am on a trip somewhere or on a staycation... and it makes my skin feels just so refreshed after use...especially when you just came back to your hotel room or so, after a long day of activities in the sun, or any time you spend a tiring day and your face just look so peaky... as I strongly believe a good face mask can make you look much better after just a few minutes..

The SEP Jeju Mask Pack is full of nature’s goodness for your skin, taken from concentrated clean and natural key ingredients from famous Korean nature’s paradise, Jeju Island. Made from an air pocket sheet fabric specifically designed to fit any face shape and which contains small airy space on the facial mask fabric that adheres to your skin to encapsulate air and lock in the active-rich essence for better skin absorption. Do check out the 4 different variants which are available…

1. SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask
Jeju’s tangerines are famed as juicy, delicious and also rich in vitamin C and well, vitamin C is what our skin needs to brighten. This mask is also formulated with the Citrus Unshiu Peel extract as well as anti-inflammatory and detoxifying ingredients such as cucumber and Devil’s claw herb while ingredients such as Daisy, Edelweiss and Niacinamide are rich in water-soluble Vitamin B3 which gives you fairer skin. I like it a lot and my skin definitely felt fresh and a tad fairer after using this mask on board my cruise before the farewell party..

2. SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask
This mask is formulated with a concentrated honey extract from Jeju Canola Honey that is rich with vitamins, minerals and also in protein and fatty acid, and great for nourishing and hydrating your skin. It also contains Centella Asiatica, also known as ‘tiger grass’ which contains a significant amount of madecassic acid, aloe vera, chamomile, rose water and lavender to give the mask a soothing scent… I really loved the scent...

3. SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask
This ultra-moisturizing mask is amazing and heaven sent for dehydrated skin…. It contains Opuntia Coccinellifera fruit extract/cactus fruit which contains a high content of vitamin C that revitalizes your skin and with other nourishing natural ingredients from Jeju along with aloe vera, bamboo, hyaluronic acid and basil. I really love the bits of oat seeds on the masks that actually gently exfoliates your skin and it also contains Salvia extract, a herb that contains anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect to heal your skin.

4. SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask
This mask is rich with high concentration of Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract/ green tea extract that helps sooth any redness on your face.. including pimples as well as it contains tea tree which has anti-bacterial properties to deeply soothe pimples. The mask also contains Centella Asiatica which has madecassic acid that helped to renew my skin. Of course, every mask is armed with an army of moisturizing ingredients too, just like this mask which has propolis, yam essence, and lavender… and it is of course, just so very refreshing to use, and my face feels just so soothed, smooth, well moisturized and refreshed…

Each of these masks are saturated with essense and well, the mask sheet fits your face pretty well... and I think these masks are ideal for whenever you need a pick me up to freshen your face so that you can look more glowy and refreshed….

You can find SEP Jeju Mask Pack at Watsons stores nationwide at just RM5.90 per piece, and RM24.90 per box of 5 pieces…. 


  1. I should buy these mask now! My skin has been really bad lately.

  2. I always take along masks when travelling. I need something to refresh my face after a long day out!

  3. i dah start suka sheet mask daripada wash of mask ataup gel mask.. kerana ia senang digunakan.. but im still excited to have a clay mask.. nak shopping lagi nanti

  4. I love how convenient face masks are especially when travelling. Sometimes you just need to give your face a quick TLC and relax.

  5. I want to try the cactus fruit one!!! Your skin looks much more moisturised after the mask! :D

  6. I think I will go with the soothing mask which has green tea flavour! Thanks for the post, will check it out!

  7. i love the Green Tea mask so much!!! Make our face more moisture!!!

  8. I have seen the Jeju mask in watson! Now i feel like trying them aftee reading your post hehe.

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