Aug 17, 2017

Best Travel Gadgets for Tech Lovers 2017

Travel like a boss, they say. And why should you not? Today, majority of the world’s population is air borne for some or the other reason. Be it leisure, or education, or a crucial business meeting; the world has come to an agreement that true satisfaction lies in a foreign land. And unlike old times, travelling has become safer and affordable for all classes of the society. But let’s pause for a while and talk about the actuals. What should an individual carry and what should be left behind?

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When it comes to travelling, it’s always wise to travel as light as possible. And in spite of that fact, there are certain essentials that cannot be overlooked while packing our bags.
We are all looking for that level of balance where you have all that you need to make your experience a memorable one, while at the same time not carrying too much that your straps begin to tear off! Here, we list down some of the best travel gadgets for tech lovers in 2017:

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1.      Hero 5 by GoPro
If adventure and adrenaline runs in your blood, then travelling without a GoPro should be considered a sin. GoPros are considered as the best and the most robust cameras out there when it comes to adventure photography. Be it a rough mountain biking expedition in the Scottish mountains, or an underwater cave exploration in Latin America. The 5th edition of the Hero series will never ditch you when it comes to quality, strength and flexibility. And the best part about a GoPro is the range of accessories and gears that has been designed for it. You can have it strapped on your forearm, your head or at the grill of your car engine, this tiny machine is ready to endure it all for the perfect shot!

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2.      Tablets
Do you get bored while travelling? Well, it’s always possible for an exciting vacation to turn into a frequent yawn if the flights are delayed or if the journey involves a multitude of long road trips to reach several destinations. In circumstances like these, it’s important that you kill your boredom by doing something fruitful. Carry a smart tablet like an iPad or a Kindle (if you are a reader) which can keep you busy during periods where all you have to do is to sit and admire the walls and ceilings. If you are planning to invest in one, then has some amazing offers on Tabs and accessories.

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3.      Drones
You don’t have to go to a war to use a drone. Thanks to some peaceful hardware developers, drones have now become a reality for tech users who wish to shoot videos and photographs from angles that were once considered unreal and unreachable for humans. The market is now getting filled to the brim with all sizes and shapes of drones, including the bionic ones. There’s one catch though, each country (and city) has a certain civil aviation law for using drones. Make sure you go through it before you plan to pack it in your travel luggage.

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4.      Universal Travel Adapter/Converter
We all know the pain of visiting a country where our electrical cables seem to be useless, thanks to the difference in the shapes of electrical ports. To avoid this kind of a trouble, you can choose the right type of adapter from this list or invest in a single universal travel adapter that fits in with most of the socket types used around the world.

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 5.      Portable USB chargers
If you are among those who love to click tons of photographs before settling down to choose one from among the lot, then travelling without a portable USB (or power bank) might not be a wise choice. Smartphones today drain a lot of battery, thanks to the powerful background apps that are running even without your permission. While the universal adapter helps you to power-up your laptop, you can use the portable USB chargers in the meantime to charge your smartphones, tablets and cameras.

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6.      Smart Torch
You read that right! The MyTorch manufactured by Nextorch is Gen X smart torch that is more than just a source of light. This jaw dropping invention has travelers amazed all around the world. The smart MyTorch gets connected to your PC via a dedicated software through which you can control the color of light, the timing and the sequence at which you would like to use them. Even the luminosity and range of SoS signal can be inputted into the in-built memory inside the torch. One would deliberately want to get lost, only to put this smart torch into play!

All that being said, there is one thing that has to be considered before you run the final zip and lock your bags. You need to carefully analyze how much your actual usage of each gadget will be during your trip. The less you pack, the less chances of it being stolen or damaged. But that does not mean that you compromise with your tech-experience at any cost. And once you have listed down your essentials, make sure you pack them in the safest way that is easy to locate.  

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  1. Omg!!! i think i want to try the Drones. Saw so many using it during my trips.

  2. Those gadget looks so cool.. I wanna own all of it.. *greedy mode..

  3. We always forget the adapter when we go overseas haha always have to buy them or loan from the hotel LOL

  4. I just need my smartphone and charger. Pack minimal. Good list tho.

  5. Travel like aboSs. I would love to. Smart torch wiill be a good gadjet in emergency.

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    1. I think drones are really cool :-) . We are so reliant on our gadgets that I think it would be almost impossible to live without one. Imagine life without smart phones.

  7. Agree with them all, except the drone. Not all countries allow it, so better find out first rather than have it confiscated, and it is not cheap!

  8. Super cool recommendations!! It can make traveling fun and better!! I am planing to visit Ecuador next month and i am sure I will pack well. Of course cant buy all of the gadgets but some will also be helpful. Lovely article.

  9. The drones is super cool!!!! But is quite hard to control leh have to learn if not the cameras and drones will drop haha

  10. Need to get the drone. Wish it wasn't so costly tho

  11. Great quality, with three major modes and a four-hour battery life, what more could you need from such a great product

  12. I really want to get a drone! The footage that you get with a drone like that is incredible. A good gimbal is really important to get the best footage. Most of the modern drones from DJI have the gimbal built-in rather than purchased separately.

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