Aug 10, 2017

Movie Review- Annabelle:Creation

Annabelle: Creation is a story of how the possessed doll Annabelle became evil.. naturally she was just a harmless masterpiece limited edition doll to begin with, created by a dollmaker, Mr Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto) ...

Mr Mullins had a lovely daughter who was the princess of the house, called Bee/ Annabelle, who loved to leave paper notes for her dad to find her... However, something tragic happen and Bee died from a terrible accident.. 

12 years later a young nun (Stephanie Sigman) and six young orphans move in to the home of the Mullins who had decided to open his home to these unfortunate kids..  The orphans, including Janice (Talitha Bateman) who has polio and can't walk well, begin experiencing some strange activities within the house revolving around the doll.

Somehow or other Janice has been targetted since she was the weakest of the kids.. but strange thibgs happened to her best friend Linda too, as well as the other girls..

In my opinion, the story began somewhat slow, after Bee died, and well with the familiar paper notes start appearing as well as the creepy old rendition of You Are My Sunshine — yeah.. I swear I will never think of that song as a sunny happy song anymore after this.. lol...

And it did not quite help when I found a written paper note at the empty seat next to me in the cinema...huhuhu

 It however picks up pace and gets more and more intense, from night disturbances to daytime violence.. my heart bled for poor Janice as she was subjected to all the cruel pranks Annabelle the ghost had for her... and well at around that time, I began to curl my knees up on the cinema seat and started closing my ears with my hands... 

I could not bear the terror or the anticipation anymore. I had some complaints though which was that the storyline somehow did not quite make some sense in some parts of the story.. but truth be said, Annabelle: Creation is still fun to watch.. 

...and yes, I am going back to watch it again since my mini me, my daughter wants to watch it and will curse me to tarnation if I did not bring her to watch it ...And to those of you who are watching it, don't forget to watch the movie right until the end for a couple of post credit scenes..

Thanks Warner Bros Pictures for having me... And yes, Annabelle my sweet.. it was lovely finding you all calm and sweet.... Just please, please don't turn psycho on me ya....

My rating 3.5/5....


  1. It seems like a very scary movie. My children watched the trailer and said it's too scaŕy to watch.

  2. I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy watching horror story, but this one seems really scary indeed. I might have to watch the trailer and decide to watch it afterwards! xx

  3. I don't dare to watch, you gonna bring your daughter to watch? OMG..Kudos!


  4. hmm... i dont really fancy such movie but the storyline is good... haha

  5. I love Annabelle - I never thought that I will scream in a cinema and I did scream during Annabelle

  6. Your review makes me want to watch tho am not into scarry movies... Did they gave u the doll... If its at home beware haha

  7. 2017 version definitely better than 2014 a lot! Prefer this version more.

  8. Look so creepy. Annabelle seem coming back with more scary part.

  9. Kinda creepy but I will want to watch this... - Racheal

  10. Ahh...horror movies are not my thing. My imagination will go wild and I can't sleep well haha..

  11. So creepy! Definitely do not dare to watch it myself! But the story looks interesting!

  12. I don't want to see this movie because I'm afraid. Scary!!


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