Aug 23, 2017

8 Lifestyle Choices That Can Help With Acne

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According to the British Association of Dermatologists, acne is estimated to affect 9.4% of the global population, making it the 8th most prevalent disease worldwide, and the top skincare problem in the world.   

In America, acne affects 50 million Americans on a daily basis, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. With acne being such an ugly, and common problem, why are there not more known programs to help people combat it? Here are 8 of my favorite lifestyle choices that can help with acne:

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  1.  Change Your Pillowcases Frequently
Acne happens generally because of an accumulation of oils and dirt into our pores, mostly through the skin on our faces (although we can have acne anywhere).

Because you spend a third of your life asleep, and because you generally put your face flat against your pillow for that length of time, it’s important that you change your pillowcase frequently, or at least wash it extremely often. You may even decide to sleep without a pillow altogether, but you should read the Sleep Advisors recommendations before you do.

2.     Invest in the Proper Skincare Regimen
Investing in the proper skincare regimen can be one of the most important things, if not the most important thing that you do regarding your skincare.  You’ll want to find a good cleanser, toner, exfoliant, as well as a line of makeup (if you wear cosmetics) that does not aggravate your face.
“Investing” doesn’t always have to mean the most expensive though—  there are a lot of famous people and supermodels who use drugstore  brands and find them just as effective.  It’s all about what works for you and your skin. Miera Nadhirah Tan recommends the EverSoft line.   

Keep in mind that the word investment also applies to time, and not just money— and for your regimen to become truly effective it has to be something you do day in and day out, morning and night, for it to have the correct effects.

3.     Eat the Right Diet

Eating the right diet can go a long way in keeping your skin clear.  Avoid oily and greasy foods, especially anything cooked or fried directly in oil or grease. The healthier you eat, and the more greens and antioxidants, the better your skin will appear. WebMD also suggests that you cut carbohydrates, as they can boost insulin and lead to the growth of pore-clogging cells.  

They suggest that you add more whole grains, beans, and veggies, and cut back on pasta, white rice, white bread, and sugar.

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4.     Exercise Regularly
Exercising regularly releases endorphins which ultimately lower the stress that you feel on a daily basis.  The less stress you feel and the more relaxed you are, the lower your oil production.  Additionally, exercise can make you sweat which can get rid of your dead skin cells, and it makes you healthier which can radiate out of you as a healthy glow.

5.     Drink Plenty of Water
Being properly hydrated is essential for having a beautiful complexion.  Without the proper hydration your skin can self-moisturize and cleanse your cells of waste that may have built up.  Try to drink at least a couple of glasses of water a day.  If you don’t like the taste of regular water, you can try a pH balanced water,  watermelon water, or coconut water.

6.     Don’t Touch your Face
As you go throughout your day, everything you touch has some kind of oil or residue.  If you don’t wash your hands often, you should limit touching your face to avoid transferring that oil to your skin, and eventually causing acne.

7.     Have Good Personal Hygiene
Good hygiene is so important.  You should wash your hands as much as possible, or at the very least use a hand-sanitizer. . You should also shower regularly, which may be difficult with a busy schedule but is so important for cleansing the skin and keeping bad oils. grease, and dirt at bay.

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8.     Get a Good Amount of Sleep and Relaxation
Finally, make sure you get a solid amount of sleep so that your body can do what it needs to overnight.   Relaxation is important here too, because the more stressed out you get, the more oil your body produces and the more likely your skin is to become clogged up— so it’s important that you utilize music, comedy, spa treatments, massages, yoga, or whatever else makes you feel the most relaxed, because it all shows through on your skin.

The important thing here is to remember that beauty is only skin deep and you can still be an amazing person regardless of what your skin looks like by making sure you make a difference on a daily basis.  With these helpful tips though, you’ll definitely be on the right track to having an amazing complexion so your inside can match your outside and people can see you for the wonderful person you really are!


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