Sep 24, 2014

Baby mauled by monitor lizard ( Sorry the pictures are a bit graphic)

A little baby girl suffered head injuries yesterday after being attacked by a monitor lizard on the resort island, Pulau Tioman.
The 8-month-old suffered deep cuts to her forehead and cheeks during the attack on Tioman Island in the state of Pahang, 240 kilometres south-east of Kuala Lumpur, the New Straits Times reported.
The mother, who was an employee at a resort, checked on the 9kg infant who had been left on the kitchen floor, after hearing a loud noise and the baby crying in the workers' quarters and was shocked to see a monitor lizard clawing her baby's head at about 10.30 am, and trying to drag the baby out to the bushes.

The infant was rushed to a nearby clinic for emergency treatment, and transferred to the Mersing hospital on the mainland, where she is currently under observation.

Poor little innocent mite... Hope she recovers soon. 


  1. ngeri giler ngan story nieh...huhu.kesian baby tu...

    1. Kan.... so sad for the baby.... baby perempuan lagi pun... muka kena cakar teruk sangat...

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