Sep 21, 2014

Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015: Signing of Ambassador.

Yours truly was blessed to get an invitation to witness the signing of the new Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for XES shoes and bags. She was none other then Miss Global International 2014/2015 finalist and winner of the Miss XES Elegant title , Mico Pun, age 22.

The first things that drew our eyes upon entering the boutique was the huge hamper of bags and shoes which made us envious and the adorable teddy bear that was attached to it drawing a reluctant, "Awww..." from some of us bloggers and media present there.

And then, as a woman, the shoes on display, the gorgeous selection of all kinds of shoes in myriads of colours were the next thing that attracted our attention....

For your info, XES shoes was established on 23rd March 2002.  The Managing Director Mr. Simpson Wong created the XES brand under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd, headquartered at the Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate in Shah Alam flanked by the warehouse located adjacent to the offices. 

The core of the business concentrates on retail chain store management as well as local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while its operations are led by an experienced top management and systematic departments with a total number of 400 personnel.

The collective effort of the employees continue to foster healthy development for the company as XES gains more attention in the nation, placing the brand in a level comparable to other players in the local shoe manufacturing industry.
In 2014, the brand has been revamped and introduced a new tagline, ‘’Superior Comfort for Happy Feet’’. The new tagline is more committed to creating happy feet by indicative of the warm and comfortable features.
XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use, catering a diverse shoe collection for ladies, men and children that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor.
Currently, the XES brand has reached all over Malaysia with more than 80 outlets branched out across all major shopping and retail complexes.
VISION: XES aspires to be recognized as one of the TOP 10 Malaysias specialty shoe retail brand that delivers quality comfortable shoes to the entire family.
MISSION: Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. At XES, our mantra is meeting our customersneeds by providing excellent products and service.

XES shoes are beautiful to see, comfortable to wear and made in Malaysia!! And best of all, they are soooo affordable. 

They have a beautiful range of handbags as well. Yours truly loves her XES shoes and bags. 

The plaque and mock cheque as well a gorgeous bunch of flowers for Miss Mico

Below, the lovely Miss Mico Pun, the brand new Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for XES Shoes

A picture with the gorgeous Miss Sabrina Quigley

Miss Mico Pun and Miss Sabrina Quigley, two beautiful ladies representing XES shoes...

Here is a picture of me and a fellow Blogger Grace

And a selfie with yet another fellow blogger , Sherry....


  1. nice selfie :D hehe..
    nice store to shop for loved ones, young and old, man/woman.. and bags we women love :D hehe..

    1. Nice shoes and bags... good quality and made in Malaysia... oh how can I resist.... hehehe


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