Sep 26, 2014

Candle Pit Stop

Now I was minding my own business and walking along in the Ikano Power Centre when this stall caught my eye, and how could it not, it was catch, attractive , colourful and smelt great... LOL

On a closer look, I realized it was a new shop cheekily known as the Candle Pit Stop.

You can buy any of those  vegetable based wax bitz for RM12.50 per 100gm (you can also mix and match them up to your own creations if you like)

On checking the webpage for this Candle Pit Stop, this was what they had to say...

Candle Pit Stop   only uses our very own Waxbitz    which is totally eco-friendly and made from 100% vegetable wax, making it burn well and safe with no chemical releasing soot! Choose from our 10 base colours and scents or mix them up to your liking till you've created that perfect scent and colour to suit your mood, event or theme! Perfect for any occasions, any place and at any time! All you need is some heat proof container and creativity!

 Check out more here :
or at their FB page 

This is what 100 gm of the wax bitz would look like, and all you have to do is just put it in any container metal or glass , any way you like with the wick in it and burn it....

You can smell the scents from these colourful test tubes or bottles....

Some ways of how to use your wax bitz... and once they are burn out, don't throw them yet... you can reuse them!!!! Reuse,Reduce and Relight! Just break up those hardened Waxbitz pieces and relight with a new wick! Voila! And the scents come back!

Don't you just love the attractive colours and lovely scents? I know I do!!!

And to all blogger friends or friends who wanna know more about this, they have an event this Saturday...

Candle Pit Stop is having it's "FAST & FURIOUS" Event at 3 different locations within KL and the Klang Valley on the 27th Sept , Saturday. First appearance starts at 1130am and last appearance is at 530pm ending at our outlet in IPC Shopping Centre 

Come meet our 2 hunky Pit Stop guys and be the first to own our Trading Cards! What are they? Cards that u can trade and save money! Like our FB page, follow us on Instagram & Twitter to get hints on where we will be for 2 mysterious locations! Guess it right, and win even more trading cards! It's so cool, you won't want to miss out on this! 

Yours truly of course got one packet of the wax bitz... how can I resist those lovely colors and scents....I will show you how I use them in another blog post ok.... 

Bye for now......

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