Sep 18, 2014

Scribblings and drawings

When I am too free at home, this is what I get up to... Hehehe, well, not all the time, this one is because I wanted to try my hand out at the latest "50 ways to use Sharpie Contest" on running from the 1st of September until 28th December 2014.

Prizes consists of a trip anywhere in the world (but only 5 choices are given), an iPad Air, an iPad Mini and weekly iPod touch!!!

So there you have it... my finished item. It is actually a book, a very plain brown cover book I decorated with my humble drawings...I hope it is nice... sighhhhh

And on finishing that.... I started on a fun mug for my little girl....

Tadaaaa... little cutie monkee has a new mug of her own, personalized by her momma...


  1. wah miera ,bersemangat ya sekrg berblog...haha

    1. Kena berusaha... jauh ketinggalan nak banding beberapa orang... huhuhu


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