Sep 21, 2014

Chinese Drama: Young Sherlock

Today Astro Quan Jia Ch 308 started airing a new Chinese Costume Drama series entitled Young Sherlock. It is aired 5 episodes back to back on Sunday from 1pm and catch ups on weekdays at 6pm and other times.  This one replaces The Investiture of the Gods series which seem to have ended with a cliff hanger.... I can't believe they did that!!!! I expected more out of that series after following it for so long... oh gosh!!!

Anyway, Young Sherlock is a 40-episode historical-detective drama filled with mystery, suspense, and romance. The historical epic will also touch on intriguing political drama, including Wu Mei Niang's rise to imperial power and the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

In "Young Sherlock", twenty-year-old Renjie travels to the empire's capital, Chang'an, to take the imperial Mingjing examinations - supervised by the Empress Consort, Wu Mei Niang. During the examination, an assassin disguised as a student attempts to kill the Empress, but was stopped by Renjie.

Bosco Wong Takes on Detective Dee in “Young Sherlock” thumbnail

The Empress later on orders Renjie to track the killer, who Renjie later realises to be a woman.

  • Bosco Wong as Di Ren Jie
  • Ruby Lin as Wu Mei Niang
  • Yuan Hong ‎as Li Zhi
  • Ma Tian Yu as Wang Yuan Fang
  • Qi Wei as Li Wan Qing
  • Sun Xiao Xiao (孙骁骁) as Tong Meng Yao
  • Shi Da Sheng as Wang You Ren
  • Liu Yi (刘义) as Zhangsun Wu Ji
  • Liu Jun (刘军) as Chu Sui Liang
  • Liang You Lin as Du Jing Qiu

Happy watching!! I know I will....

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