Sep 27, 2014

My creative creation for Candle Pit Stop

This is what I did with my WaxBitz from the Candle Pit Stop. I got the Apple scented ones and the Mango scented ones mixed together 50/50 .

Then back home, I searched high and low for a bottle or jar and finally found a cookie jar I got from Daiso for just RM5. My little girl had some sea shells so I took them and I had a little stone statue
which I got from the Jeju counter at the last MATTA fair and I put that into the jar too with the sea shells and filled the jar with water and a drop of blue food colouring.

Then I carefully poured the WaxBitz into the jar on top. and added the wick. And hey presto... I can light it up too...

I think it is pretty, too bad I do not have a round aquarium or that would be even more gorgeous. The scent from the WaxBitz is lovely.... Will get more next time I visit Ikano....

What do you all think of my little #creativecreationCPS ?

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