Sep 30, 2014

An unpleasant something extra in the vegetable carton....

Oh gosh, a cousin of my friend went to AEON BIG (previously Carrefour) Mid Valley and came across this.

When she was trying to highlight it to the staff, the staff just brushed it off like it was an everyday occurrence.

I think it is not very nice right. The least the staff could do is at least make some effort to get the rat or change the vegetables carton or something.

This makes it obvious they have a "tidak apa" attitude which is bad for company image, don't you agree..... Let's hope the AEON  BIG staff at Mid Valley buck up and be more proactive..


  1. Wth?!?! At first I thought is a hamster or something... gosh!!! That sucks...

    Anyways, I nominated you for Liebster Award. Do check it out in my post!

    Angelus ||

    1. huhuhu... shit things like this happen.... =( but for the staff to ignore this, it gives out a bad image....

  2. Attempts to disguise as a brocoli. FAIL.

    1. sighhh.... reasons to wash and double wash your veges when you buy them.....


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