Sep 25, 2014

Kansai Festival

Isetan KLCC is holding the All Kansai Festival again. Must Eat! Must See! I always find these Japanese fairs very fascinating as I get to try new things without yet another flight to Japan.

 The All Kansai Festival is at Isetan KLCC again. I think I saw it once a few months ago and it is back again....Don’t miss this exciting event!

You can get to enjoy cultural shows & performances at the  Isetan KLCC Event Hall, 2nd Floor (Kansai Omoshiro Stage) and indulge in the various promotions at Isetan KLCC Concourse Floor (Kansai Food Fair)....

There are Japanese fish for sale... and sea food....

You can try some Japanese type of Mochi... these are very soft, chewy and the peanut coating is so very fine, like flour.

I love these.. For those with a sweet tooth like me, this is just heavenly.... 

There are two choices... One is a Whoopie Pie

and.... the Soft Waffle. Both come in a few delicious flavors and are truly irresistible. 

I got a Strawberry flavoured Soft Waffle....  It is a bit expensive at RM10 but delicious.

If you have the time and need some good luck or happiness, be sure to visit the event hall on the second floor Event Hall to touch Billiken's foot soles.

The most famous  Billiken is in an amusement park, Luna Park, in Osaka, Japan. In 1912, he was enshrined in the park as a symbol of Americana and there was revered as "The God of Things As They Ought to Be". Popular Billiken souvenirs in the park included dolls and manju (sweet buns filled with red paste). When the park closed in 1923, the wooden statue of the Billiken went missing.
A replica of the statue was placed in the second-generation Tsutenkaku Tower in 1980. Due to wear (particularly to the soles of the feet), the dark, worn statue was replaced in May 2012 with a new one. Presently he resides on the fifth floor observation deck and has become closely associated with the tower. Each year thousands of visitors place a coin in his donation box and rub the soles of his well-worn feet to make their wishes come true.
Now for a few days more, you can go see Billiken here at Isetan's Event Floor and touch his feet for good luck and happiness....

After a little while, I decided to eat my Whoopie Pie. I got one of this and one of the soft waffle and got another free. It was nice. Really nice

This is how it looks like...

It is soft, chewy and filled with fresh cream the flavor it is supposed to be... Try one or some . You can actually try a teeny slice for free at the counter.

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