Oct 24, 2017


Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil is a woman who inspires half the women in Malaysia and make the other half envious. She is tall, graceful, slender and looks much more amazing then many women half her age…

Marini was one of our country's top models back in the 1980s. She has graced magazine covers and TV commercials.

She has often been mistakenly called ‘adik’ by many women who are younger than her as well, because of her youthful looks… and her secret to that lies in her own natural organic products, under the label Marini Naturale Magic , of which has been a great hit with women and men around because of its effectiveness as well as unbelievably affordable pricing…

Most of Marini Naturale Magic products are homemade from natural organic products. Oh yes, who have not tried natural organic products only to get turned off by the exorbitant price tags sometimes…  I know I personally have.. I found some lovely products over the years but I just cannot continue using them all the time since they cost so much and I am not one of the rich people…

So for those of you who feel the same way as I do, Marini Naturale Magic products will astound you by their super affordable pricing.

Yeah… Marini Naturale Magic products retail from just RM5 for a packet of turmeric mask, RM10 for a piece of soap and RM30 for their shampoo…

I wanted badly to try Marini Naturale Magic Hair Growth Set which consisted of 4 items, because having to go through aging, stress, and misbehaving with chemicals made my hair brittle, damaged and I was losing hair…

Marini Naturale Magic Hair Growth Set was said to Promote Hair growth, Reduce hair fall, Softens hair, Reduce dandruff and scalp itchiness and is 100 % chemical free.

The set consist of  a Shampoo (250ml), a Conditioner (250ml), a Hair Mist (100ml) and a Hair Growth Serum (50ml)

I chose to try Marini Naturale Magic Pandan Lemongrass shampoo RM38 & conditioner RM38 along with both the Hair Mist RM30 and Hair Growth Serum RM60… 

...and using the set for about 2 weeks and still counting has indeed helped reduce my hair loss (as I can see a lot less hair on the bathroom floor filter and my hair brush) and my scalp or hair line does look more compared to before.. Yeah… baby hair spotted… My hair has also felt less brittle and more hydrated....

And yeah… my hair smells practically delicious I almost feel like eating it.. as it reminds me of the pandan layer cake…hahah

For your information, Marini Naturale Magic products are suitable for everyone, men, women and kids…

My mini me who has turned teenager was also getting pimples on her face.. and to help her with this, I got her one of Marini Naturale Magic Sabun Gebu Muntah Belut? Yeah, believe me I did kinda cringe and so did my daughter when I first heard the name.. which translated to English is something like, err… the eel’s puke?  I really don’t know who named the recipe or product that way but Marini swears by it and it is nothing of that sort – I mean eel’s puke, and it sure like hell is amazing...

Yeah.. these gems work wonders and in case you are wondering, they smell like baby soap.. These little affordable gems, which are only RM10 each actually reduce appearance of scars, gets rid of acne and spots, brightens your skin and with the use of these gems, my daughter’s face is smooth like baby too with a whole lot less pimple outbreak…

I am so loving these products for sure, so count me in as another of Marini Naturale Magic growing fans… how can you not love these when they are organic, safe to use even if you have sensitive skin or are a cancer patient, smells amazing and is just perfectly affordable..

Why pay RM100 plus for an organic shampoo when you can get a great similar one for RM30 plus… ehemmm….

Do check it out, find out more about the other products
at https://www.instagram.com/marininaturalemagic  or WhatsApp her at 014 669 1048

 or get yours now at ….


  1. Well. I guess I am lucky because for many years I have not needed to use hair products. I heard a long time ago that your hair finds a natural condition if you just let it go. I make this even easier by keeping it short! Not an option for many ladies though. Sorry! Dan

  2. I have not heard about this range but looks so good for hair care and is that a soap for face.

  3. I want to try the shampoo. I have a problem with my hairs.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I need this for my hair.

  5. Interesting! That soap is intriguing though! If only I could get my hands on them ;)


  6. Oooo..I would love to try that muntah belut's soap...and of course...once I am done with my new shampoo..i will jump to this shampoo...thank you for the intro kak..really hope it will work for my hair and scalp.

  7. Aiyo I don't want my hair to smell like pandan layer cake. I'd be perpetually hungry and keep lookin for food. HAHAHA Otherwise, keen to give to a shot!


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