Oct 22, 2017

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur's the Conjuring Connection

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, one of Kuala Lumpur's premier malls recently threw some the members of the media and bloggers a little Halloween Party in conjunction with the Conjuring Connection Halloween even in the week leading up to Halloween...

This was held at the La Bodega restaurant.. La Bodega at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur best known as the "place to hide out" has a warm welcoming atmosphere which made it a favorite hangout place for savouring a jug of refreshing sangria, delicious tapas, comforting paella, great cocktails etc and it had a little corner set up for us with some yummy and spooky looking Halloween delights...

My daughter and I wanted to dress up but since it wasn't quite Halloween and well, I did not want to stand out too much in some weird outfit, I decided to go simple with Annabelle like hair and a few scars, thanks to a tattoo sticker set I bought from Cold Storage...

I also made my daughter's outfit by running a scissors through an old white Pagoda shirt, and applying fake blood all over it... we had some fun applying the tattoos in the ladies room near La Bodega and even startled a few people there...

Over at La Bodega, they served up some nice punch with Halloween straws/ Jack O Lantern straws, and some Arroz Negro - Some paella with squid, prawns and alioli and of course squid ink...

Then each person had a little set of Blood of Count - a beetroot and strawberry soup with some pine nuts... Devilish Eggs, Frankenstein Eye balls - made of spicy beef meatballs, Zombie Fingers - which was actually chicken sausages with roasted almond flakes as the fingernail and The Cemetary -  red coloured tiramisu...

We had some fun mingling, taking pictures, and well, challenging each other with the instagram contest and also best dressed contest, which surprisingly I won.... hehehe...for more info on the Conjuring Connection, do check out http://www.pavilion-kl.com/


  1. Instead of halloween, conjuring pulak. nice make up!

  2. I love your outfit of the day dear!! Definitely an outfit that heat up the Halloween festive feel! Even makanan pun scary juga!

  3. The deco there are really spooky! And they even paid attention to the food. Very impressive.
    Btw love yours & your daughter's look for Halloween day out.


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