Oct 31, 2017

Take A Trip By Yourself

Why would I encourage anyone to do something on their own when we live in a world, surrounded by such amazing people? Writing a review of heat protectant is something you could do on your own but you might be thinking why would I want to travel on my own. You are about to find out why I think you should. Traveling is great when you go with a group of friends of family members, but it is also really great when you go on your own. When you go with other people, you are always coming to some sort of agreement as to what you want to do and see. You are not 100% doing what you want to do, unless you are the leader of the group and you were left in charge. If you do not like the responsibility of figuring out what to do on your own, then traveling by yourself might not be in your best interest.

If you like to come and go as you please and make up your mind on your own as for what you want to see and do while you are away- then travelling solo should be on your bucket list. One important thing to note when travelling alone is it really pushes you out of your comfort zone. This is a really good thing. Travelling alone allows you to interact with new people, instead of focusing on your friends that you have already. This allows you to experience the culture like never before. When you are alone you are forced to figure things out on your own and interact with locals if needed. You not only will do what you want to do when you want to do it but you will learn so much more about yourself along the way. Travelling alone allows you to do whatever you want to. If you want to eat at a certain place, GO! You have no one stopping you. If you want to go rock climbing or take a paddleboard out for the afternoon- Do it! This is the advantage on doing a solo trip. Plus how cool is it to meet new people and be able to stay in contact with them when you arrive back home. This makes the perfect trip for another time to reunite with new friends. Thank god for social media, where it allows you to follow each other’s journey and keep in touch.


A few other reasons you should take a trip alone:
·   It’s Empowering
·   No Drama
·   Absence Makes The Heart Grow
·   More Independence
·   You Will Influence Others
·   A Good Break From Everything + Everyone

Those are only a few reasons as to why travelling alone would be good for the soul. Take a leap of faith, challenge yourself, meet new people of different ethnicities, don’t worry about all the life problems that are happening at home. Go out, empower yourself, take risks and reap the rewards. All your friends and family will be happy to hear about your adventures, and I am sure you will empower them enough to do the same!


  1. I don't think I will able achieve this! My hubby will be worry on this, I would someone to take care of me too during my trip =) But nevertheless trip alone is really exciting too!

  2. Totally agree with this! I made plans before years back to travel alone but so many people were against it, lol! That was when I was a lot younger. I might actually plan a solo trip soon...

  3. Good info...memang planning nak travel ni

  4. So far in my life I had try 3 times to be travel alone without rely anyone. I can said is challenging at 1st but once you adapt and you know it by anyhow u need to couple it Base on situation. And you will make it

  5. Nice experience I think, i should try this once

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