Jan 30, 2017

My 2017 wish list......

Recently someone asked me what would I want on my wish list for the year....and it got me thinking.... There are so much I really want... from well, the normal, good health, good luck, wealth, love, happiness, more travel, more jobs, more opportunities, more fun and more opportunity to live my life.... 

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And then I was shopping for a few things over at my favorite online store where I always find amazing finds, awesome savings and great unbelievable deals .... and well... instead of being selfish and decide on what I want for myself... I decided to try list out my wishlist on what to get for my love ones....

Let's go through some of the a few things I selected for the few people in my life....

For my other half, a Fitbit to get him more inspired to move as well as monitor his activities and remind him not to be too inactive as well as track his sleeping patterns....something he really needs since he has not been overly active ever since he got better from his stroke....

This will probably come in handy for my dear mother to make some of her breakfast shakes, smoothies, protein shakes or any other concoctions she like to whip up for herself to complement her diet and lifestyle, since she has to kind of watch her diet a little as she is suffering from Thyroid Cancer for the past 5-6 years.......

For my elder daughter who is a college student, and going for her degree studies soon, I think this lovely laptop might just be heaven sent and ideal for her assignments and for her to keep in touch with her social media and family...It also comes with a backpack which is just convenient to bring the laptop wherever she needs to bring it...

For my younger tween daughter... this plain and simple tote bag might suitable for her to bring her story books, smartphone and money whenever she goes out...It is a casual preppy stylish bag.

My elderly mother in law might have need for an additional jackets, and this vintage bomber jacket from Zanzea one will fit nicely in her collection if and when she is feeling cold...

And guess what.... the total price for all this is RM2017...
I kid you not, look and see... so won't you say that I should have a great chance of getting these wishlist granted this year so I can surprise a few people.... hehehe  👀  

Anyway, if you like my list, why not make a list of your favorite items for yourself or what you might consider getting your love ones as a surprise to at  http://www.lazada.com.my/cny-red-hot-sale/


  1. What a coincidence to total your purchases to RM2017 My favourite from your list is the jacket. I like them but not suitable for Malaysian weather lah!

  2. I like the jacket and Acer Aspire. Great gifts.

  3. Wow that last part!!! This is a really great wish list, babe. Your family's so lucky to have you!


  4. Oh yes. I want that Fitbit too - has been eyeing it like an eagle for quite sometime already. Hehe. Happy CNY to you Miera

  5. So coincidence rm2017! What's even better is to actualize it! Hehe Lazada always have great offers and discounts once in a while. My wish list this year now with ezbuy home makeover lolx

  6. Those bomber jacket are the 'bomb'. Hope your every dream come true! :D

  7. Awesome... total is RM2017 ler... sure is a sign for you to have a prosperous CNY yo ^.^

  8. Happy CNY! Nice list liked it. Lazada has everything available, looks like a good website. Will check that site and create a list for me today

  9. Awesome choices!!! I loved that bag especially...Happy CNY and huat ah to you.

  10. The shake n take is really a good item to buy, the price is cheap and it was really a useful thing to buy.

  11. Oh I would love to have that portable bag, it looks so posh! I should check out Lazada now for great deals! Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  12. I suka the tartan bomber jacket!! Love your haul la, hope that one day you can get all of this ok!!

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