Jan 22, 2017


Lot 10 is ushering in the Year of Rooster with much cheerful fanfare to herald bright future and good fortune for all shoppers. 

The mall celebrates Chinese New Year with a refreshing playful concept where all activities revolve around the element of Red to symbolize abundant joy, good luck and good fortune.

Come visit Lot 10 anytime from now to 14 February, and check out the great deals, amazing giveaways and “fun-tastic” activities to celebrate this auspicious festive season in style at Lot 10. 

The Red Room
This is interesting.... Take part and enjoy some wholesome fun by playing at Red Room, Lockdown KL’s first-ever interactive and intuitive real-life escape room themed to Chinese New Year taking centre stage at the Concourse on ground floor. Bring your family members and friends along for this one-of-a-kind Chinese New Year bonding experience. Now that is what I call quality time.... huhuhu

The Red Room brings players back in time to an old lady’s home in an ancient village which is  believed to be the origin of the Chinese legend of a mythical monster called Nian, which came out to eat people and animals on Chinese New Year eve. 

You will be required to get immersed in the story to find answers to puzzles leading to the final key to escape the room and stop the monster Nian from attacking the villagers again.  

Participation is free and players must escape the Red Room within the playtime of 15 minutes to stand a chance to win a reunion dinner meal worth RM998 at Luk Yu Tea House or Pak Loh Chiu Chow located at Feast Village, Starhill Gallery.  Awesome right....

The lucky winner will also be walking away with complimentary game session for 6 pax courtesy of Lockdown KL.

The fun and adventure does not end here… If you enjoyed the game, be sure to head over to Level 3 of Lot 10 to try more adventure games at Lockdown KL. 

Lockdown is an international brand that specialises in creating intellectual entertainment suitable for team building, family bonding and analytic assessment.

My Best CNY Moment Contest
Take the opportunity to participate in My Best CNY Moment Facebook Contest by capturing their best moments experienced  at Lot 10 with their loved ones and uploading them to the Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur Facebook page to stand a chance to win fantastic dining vouchers.

Chinese New Year Performances
Over three weekends, shoppers can catch heart-thumping drum and lion dance shows at the Concourse  to truly get into the festive mood.

Dragon Phoenix Drums
·         21st January, 12.00pm
·         28th January, 12.00pm
·         4th February, 12.00pm

Dual Southern Lion Dance
·         22nd January, 12.00pm
·         29th January, 12.00pm
·         5th February, 12.00pm

Dressed in Red Rewards
Enjoy a wide array of special in-store deals by participating outlets namely Beyond Beauty, Birkenstock, Caffe Bene, Ego Sports, Hedge & Snail, Hundred%, Juicy Malaysia, Lockdown KL, London Weight Management, SASA, Simple Life and TFC. Shoppers dressed in red will even be entitled to special rewards and privileges so come adorned in the auspicious colour and have more fun shopping and dining

In the Concourse, special thematic stalls are offering more special deals including promotions by UniqTee, 70% discount from Isetan and 25% discount from Omorose Cosmetics.

For more information on the Red Campaign, check real-time updates on Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Lot10KL 


  1. What a festive programme lined up for shoppers. I would definitely participate if I lived in KL but will be in Ipoh during this period. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Miera.

  2. I plan to going this in this weekend for CNY celebration too! Feel like long time never see lion dance hahaha!


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