Jan 28, 2017


Anuar Zain.. is my husband's favorite local singer, as well as mine, and naturally even our daughter love listening to him croon... He has been in the local music industry for more than 30 years now with a lot of achievements some other local music artiste can only imagine...

Afterall, Anuar Zain puts a lot of great effort and dedication into his fresh compositions and the quality of his music never fails to delight his fans as well as other local music listeners....

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Anuar launched his latest album entitled 'Anuar Zain' last year and with the famous wholesale hypermarket Mydin as his backer, went on his 'Anuar Zain Album Tour 2016' last year....

Anuar Zain successfully attracted more than 1,500 of his faithful fans who flooded the Mydin Pelangi Indah hypermarket in Johor Bahru where his last tour stop took place last year.

Just before that, the tour took place in Mydin USJ, Mydin Bukit Mertajam, Mydin Meru Raya, Mydin Gong Badak and Mydin Seremban 2 from the 9th of  October 2016.

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"I did not know how I manage to become an Anuar Zain fan," Dato Ameer confessed in his opening speech, after admitting that he actually put of the initial idea of sponsoring Anuar Zain for his tour, but seeing the crowd and fans that Anuar Zain had, and listening to Anuar Zain's mesmerizing vocals turned him around and so Mydin is continuing their sponsorship of Anuar Zain's tour for this year as well with 6 additional sponsors which are Wonder Glow products, Nescafe, Head & Shoulders shampoo, Classic Billboard and both Cats FM and Suria FM as the official radio.

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For the duration of last year, Anuar promoted his first single in his new album 'Andainya Takdir' at five different location in Peninsula Malaysia, but well, here are some good news for his East Malaysian fans... he will be at three Mydin hypermarkets in Sarawak  beginning with Mydin Samariang, Kuching (12 February), at the Mydin City One (9 April) and  Mydin Vista Tunku (date to be advised later).

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Back here in Peninsula Malaysia, you can meet Anuar on his tour at Mydin Pulau Sebang, Melaka (12 February 2017); Mydin Parit Buntar, Perak (5 March 2017) and Mydin Senawang, Negeri Sembilan (26 March 2017).

And I really recommend watching the music video for Anuar's second single, 'Cinta Takkan Berakhir.' from Numata (Inu,Mhala dan Tantra) and directed by Amor Rizan. 

In his first video clip for his latest first single, 'Andainya Takdir' Anuar Zain told the story of an unfaithful wife who left her husband and daughter once she became famous for another man she just met.....

Be sure to watch the continuation of the story in the latest video clip starring Sharifah Sakina, Puteri Balqis Azizi, Eyra Razali, Syafiq M. Nazri and guest actor, Faizal Hussin which instantly redeems the 'unfaithful wife' and the sacrifices she made for her family, which also tells the story of the suffering of some women in abusive relationships and what you think happen is not all there is... and there is a deeper reason and sacrifice in the story sometimes, so do not judge a book by its cover, just like that....

This has definitely pique my curiousity for what happens next which will only be shown in the upcoming 3rd video clip....gaaaahhh... the wait is killing me... huhuhu

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And like the tour last year, for the entire tour this year, Anuar will entertain his fans with 4 songs and meet and greet / autograph his albums for his fans.. Be sure to get your album at any one of the music store section in any of the 45 Mydin outlets nationwide or online at www.lazada.my. Do also follow Anuar Zain Network on Facebook or Instagram for more news  and updates on Anuar Zain himself...

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  1. Superb! Thanks for coming to the press conference.

  2. I've watched him perform live before in Ipoh, and since then, have been a converted fan. I don't know how that came to be! Looking forward to his concert. Will check my schedule.

  3. My mak sedara really loves him! I almost nak pergi his recent concert, but haritu dia tak sihat pulak.

  4. Wow it has been a while he had his tour, all the best to Anuar Zain.

  5. Looked like the press con was a great experience Miera dear - I know a few good friends of mine that like him quite a bit and will be excited to know about this tour. Cheers to the share babe :)

  6. grew up listening to some of his songs, so this is great news indeed!

  7. I like his image for this new album, sleek, mature and handsome :)

  8. omg is that really anuar zain?! love to see him making a come back. My mum is a huge fan!

  9. Such good posts should be more visible on your blog!


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