Jan 13, 2017


A co-operatives or better known as koperasi here in Malaysia look like any other business. What actually makes these co-operatives/ koperasi unique is that they are actually run not investors or shareholders, but rather, by their members who are regular people like you and me – customers, employees, residents, anyone and everyone.....

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The co-operatives/ koperasi can be anything from small community enterprises to even huge businesses. It can be everything from healthcare to housing, renewables to retail, sports to social care. And they operate across the country.
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One of those co-operatives, Koperasi Coop2u Bhd just launched two new initiatives, COOPCARE and SISKEK, for the benefit of its customers and sellers at the Menara Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia Wilayah Persekutuan, witnessed and officiated by the Executive Director of Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia, Dato Dr Noor Zari Bin Hamat…

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And before you ask me, COOPCARE  has nothing to do with chickens despite this being the year of the Rooster, or their coops - like the pic above- and SISKEK is not my sister's cake or anything to do with cakes....read on ya....

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Koperasi Coop2u Bhd (COOP2U) began way back a few years ago on 16th May 2013 and is the supplier of premium products such as smart phones, computers, jewellery, electrical appliances and motorcycles to other co-operatives/ koperasi around Malaysia….

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Chairman Datuk Ahmad Shamsuddin Ramli said under Coopcare, the warranty plan for its information technology (IT) products would be extended from two to three years from the initial one-year warranty, and it is the only plan that offers a longer service warranty in the market currently…

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SISKEK is also created to ensure the ease of managing the co-operative /koperasi operations using the ‘Microsoft Azure’ cloud server technology that also comes with an auto- back up…

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Koperasi Coop2u Bhd is now working together with more then 80 other co-operatives /koperasi nationwide by offering packaged services such as-
·         Supplying consumer products
·         Direct selling through booths and fairs as well as online selling through websites, emails, mobile apps and telemarketing…
·         Creation of web sites and e-market place COOPSHOPPE
·         Additional warranty service COOPCARE
·         Co-operatives members system SISKEK

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COOP2U is taking the initiative to introduce COOPCARE to assist their customers in the event that any products they purchase  might be problematic and with SISKEK, it will also ease co-operatives/koperasi nationwide to expand better and contribute to the economic growth of our country….

So this is great news for all the co-operative /koperasi members I am sure… I really should find out how I can join in one of these…. Hehehe…

Bye for now…


  1. Wow, it seem our Malaysia has improved in their service to provide a better service and delivery to their customer. Thumb up to them.

  2. ah nice event. Its a good initiative for the company too


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