Feb 1, 2017

Chinese New Year gifts for love ones...

The main 2 days of Chinese New Year are already almost over, but there are another week or so to go until Chap Goh Meh… so to those who are celebrating and reading this.. Gong Xi Fa Chai…

Yeah, like Christmas has 12 days, and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri/ Eid has one month, Chinese New Year celebrations last 15 days..

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So how was your Chinese New Year, for me it wasn’t much as even though I am Chinese in origin, I hardly celebrate anymore.. except with some close friends and family..

So personally for our ‘reunion dinner’ my little family headed over to Sushi King for a little feast….can't help it.. I love Japanese food... and it was less packed there too..

The gifting of goodies for loved ones is necessary as it is said to wish them good luck… so to keep in line with tradition, I gifted my Chinese neighbours with Mandarin Oranges to wish them auspiciousness and gold..

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On the other hand, for my mom and my cousin, their gifts were slightly more elaborate… so I gave my cousin a little hamper with pineapple tarts more more wealth and luck, Mandarin Oranges for good fortune , some clams to open new horizons, black moss for wealth, shitake mushrooms for longevity and not forgetting a packet of Nestle Omega Plus for good heart health as she is quite dear to me… and yup... a chicken , since she was born in the year of the rooster after all..

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For my mom, her goodie bag was simple…some love letters/kuih kapit to present love... not just for lovers but of course for family members too , a couple of mandarin oranges which represents gold or auspiciousness , a packet of Nestle Omega Plus 3 in 1 for good heart health, an angpow/ red packet for good luck and a swarovski zirconia, ok it is not a norm to give anyone a diamond or a zirconia for CNY, but I am just giving one to my mom as I have it and to symbolise the purity of my love...

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Yeah, as you might have noticed… I have added the NestlĂ© Omega Plus in the CNY goodie bag/hamper this year because I love these two ladies and I want them to be healthy and be more mindful of their heart health….

Nestle Omega Plus milk is the only high calcium milk that contains Acticol, plant sterols which are scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the bad cholesterol from entering the blood stream and which is scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol by preventing the cholesterols from entering the blood stream.

All you need is two glasses of Nestle Omega Plus milk a day to fulfil 100% of your daily calcium needs and contains the right balance of Omega 3 & 6.

So be sure to add a pack or two of Nestle Omega Plus milk into any hampers and goodie bags for your love ones…

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For more details…check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NestleOmegaPlus/


  1. Before, Pinoys don't celebrate Chinese New Year as much as today. It's really different now as we have learn to embrace the culture and celebrations of the Chinese, and it's a great thing to learn other's heritage...

  2. Wah so many awesome and healthy gifts for your mom. We must take care of our health esp cholesterol level.


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