Feb 22, 2017

Magic Rainbow JellyCake for my other half's birthday...

So we celebrated my significant other half's birthday recently, just a few days ago...and yes, he is already one year older then he was... LOL.. and for birthdays, we have to have a birthday cake... so for the eve of his birthday, we threw a small party with some of my husband's closest family members...and well, I got a cake...

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Normal birthday cake can be pretty dull after a while sometimes, and it just so happen that I was kind of tired of conventional cakes.... so for a change, I decided to go with a jelly cake..

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I adore jelly cakes because they are actually yummy, refreshing. and do not fill you up so fast unlike the other butter or pound cakes. For me, eating jelly cakes is like indulging in desserts and definitely a much more healthier alternative than the normal cake..and it is so soothing when it slides down my throat...  and it is also so colourful and pretty.....

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The jelly cake is low in cholesterol and contain nearly 87% water but rich in vitamins and nutrients... and to indulge, you can just slowly peel off one layer after another and eat it slowly... om nom nom....

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So where did I get this jelly cake... 

This lovely Love series cake was painstakingly created and freshly homemade by Nancy Voon, who runs her Magic Rainbow JellyCake online shop from her home in Wangsa Maju/ Setapak...

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Again I have to say that I just love the colours which is so striking and pretty.. and the taste is even more yummy.. in Pandan flavour....

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Nancy can custom design any jelly cake you might like for your wedding, birthday, Full Moon, or just about any celebration you are planning....

The jelly cake is however advisable to be finished within  3 days ( and must kept in properly in the refrigerator)

The price range for a 3kg jelly cake is around RM150-RM180

Check out some of the other designs....

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Please be sure to order your cake minimum 1 week in advance

You can WhatsApp her at : 0124193590

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  1. The design is cute and I have the same birthday jellycake this year. Impressed with their passion in creating a nice jellycake.

  2. The cake is so beautiful. Me and my children love jellycake too.

  3. The designs are just so cute! A very healthy change indeed! Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  4. Awh it has been awhile since I have had Jelly Cake. Love the design that was done on this Miera dear- its stunning.

  5. Such a cute jelly cake but it doesn't fit the birthday boy! Too fancy for a man. Happy birthday to your husband, nonetheless.

  6. yummmy cake i bet!
    the jelly cake looks good too, shall check the link!


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