Feb 9, 2017

BODY DREAM Coco- S, the most delicious way to lose weight

I am fat… there is no denying it as much as I like to avoid the topic… 

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I cannot fit into my old clothes from 2-3 years ago and as you very well know a lot of our Malaysian relatives, friends can be very cruel and blunt at times, looking for ways to put you down… 

The first few words that will pop out from their mouth is…. ‘Wah, you put on weight ah…’  or maybe a little bit more polite… ‘ Semakin sihat ye’ or translated it means you are getting more ‘healthier’… ok… don’t ask me why… ‘sihat’ equals being fat…

And yes, whenever you hear these sentences being uttered you feel like burying yourself under the ground and not coming out…

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Yes, I am guilty of it because as a blogger, I come face to face with delicious food almost everyday… and worse is when attending some food review.. for how can I resist… resisting some good food is like such a crime….. and so the kilos pile on…

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It does not help because as we get older, our metabolism seem to disappear and go off on long vacations and almost not seen again… and yes, to be honest I half resigned myself to be fat, and to accept myself as I am… because.. nothing quite works..

I am not a couch potato, I am pretty active, climbing stairs and going off on fun runs, walkathons and so on… 3 km, 5 km…  but the stubborn fat that I have accumulated just won’t drop off…

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That was well, until I attended the Body Dream Coco-S 15 day challenge event… and well got introduced to Body Dream Coco- S Slimming Drink…

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Uggghhh…. Another slimming drink… I can hear some of you and yes, those words kind of flashed in my mind… I wonder how it is going to be….

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My first taste of it made me do a double take as it was…… yummy and delicious… just like any other hot chocolate drink without anything to make you want to gag or feel like puking or so on…. I mean some products that comes with psyllium husks or protein and so on has a tendency to make some of us with sensitive throats want to gag at times especially when you are just finishing the drink… but with Body Dream Coco-S … nada… I just loved it…  yeah.. I love chocolate.. no denying it… and this is a chocolate drink…

We were pretty shocked once we finished our drink and they bought out ‘nasi lemak’ for us.. it was like - doesn’t that defy the purpose of slimming down if we consume this drink and eat more fattening stuff….

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Surprisingly and amazingly, yes, with Body Dream Coco- S, you are not allowed to ‘diet’ and you have to eat regular meals but one little set back… you have to drink plenty of water also which will help flush out the fats…….

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Created by the founders Sarra and her husband Hafiz, Sarra is a walking testimony with a drop dead gorgeous body all women can dream off….

Ok… so what does Body Dream Coco- S Slimming Drink do…

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It is a 100 percent natural product containing Swiss Coco, Flaxseed, Grapeseed Extract and Garcinia Cambogia…

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Pssst... see my face... it has a little more V shape to it now compare to the first photo above...thanks to Body Dream Coco- S.

It will definitely help you to bring down your body weight, trim your body to an S – Shape,  focus on cutting the fat on your stomach, thighs, arms and face… tighten loose skin, minimise cellulite, control your appetite and yes, you will feel full and much more energetic then ever…

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There is no side effects from drinking Body Dream Coco-S , no putting on weight again, no dieting, it is not a medicine , it is basically a easy to use product and safe even for a nursing mom….

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What I like about this product is that there is just no need to diet, and you can eat whatever you want to eat… it actually brings back your metabolism and make it work again…. And it actually can make you younger… heheheh….

Yup… during the 15 days of consuming this, I drank plenty of water and ate whatever I wanted… but well, I did not over eat as it made me full… but well, the best part would be yes, in 15 days I LOST WEIGHT not dieting… hahahah….

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Yup, my worse nightmare......huhuhu

My weight when I began this was definitely one of my highest… at 84kg… it is definitely embarrassing… and I really did not want to share it with anyone…  it is actually worth locking myself up somewhere and throwing away the key also…. 

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But 15 days later… my weight is now 78kg…. not my most optimum but I live with hope it will drop as I am intending to continue this….. 84kg – 78 kg is 6 kg… and 15 days of not dieting and losing 6 kg is pretty much impressive I think….

So yes, now I know and now I am telling you and sharing with you… there is a delicious and effective way to lose weight…. And you do not have to beat yourself up over it or torture yourself with products that make you want to gag every time you consume it…

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Just savour the delicious Body Dream Coco – S every morning after breakfast and be on your way to your ideal weight and body…..

For more info on Body Dream Coco-S, do check out….


  1. wah miracle solution to losing weight. where's mine! i desperately need it to slim down as well.. haha

  2. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  3. now this is my kind of diet! Cause it doesn't need me to cut any of my regular meals...hahahha

  4. Looks really effective my dear! I love coco flavor too, it will be best for me to try it out too =D

  5. wow, good luck slimming down! :D thanks for honest review!

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  7. 8 days my body lost 3 kg . I'm so excited ! I love coco-s slimmimg drink. Srsly ❤

  8. May I know if this product is Made in Malaysia ? thanks,

    1. Hi Alicia,
      Body Dream is Malaysia made.



  9. Hi ��,
    Get your Body Dream today.

    Healthy Body With S-Shape ������

  10. i take this around 10days ready but NO DIFFERENT WITH MY WEIGHT. I take this with boil water after my breakfast. Please do advice me.

    1. so..how was it..do you manage to loose any weight or inch?do you drink a lot of water?

  11. But isn't that just water retention that u lose?

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