Feb 6, 2017

Healing wounds the painless and effective way...

Have you heard about Spray8®? If you have not, you better read this and go and get yours after this…  

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Spray8® is formulated with DermaXan® a proprietary Garcinia mangostana extract  and manufactured by Furley Bioextracts.

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It is a natural and easy to use wound care spray. It has been tested to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria even antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aeureus and it really works….

Spray 8 assists in wound healing through two mechanisms:
1. Suppresses Inflammation and Promotes Anti-inflammation
The proprietary extract found in Spray8  has been tested on 96 genes responsible for inflammation & anti-inflammation and have demonstrated that this natural extract is just as potent if not better than everyday prescribed generic drugs you purchase over the counter…

2. Inhibits and Kills Bacteria and Yeast
It is free from alcohol and chlorine and it has the ability to reduce the growth and stops any bactericidal activity for some of the following micro-organisms:
 Staphyloccocus aureus (ATCC 43300, MRSA) ,  Streptococcus pyogenes,  Pseudomonas aeruginosa,  Candida albicans

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When I got a bottle of this to use, I was thinking that it would come in handy for my husband who was a diabetic since he occasionally had some fungal infection or some dry peeling skin at the bottom of his feet and it did help reduce the fungal infection somewhat…

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But I actually really saw the effectiveness of the product when I fell down very recently and skinned my knee the same place I skinned it the first time a couple of months or so ago...It was raw and painful.. and even back then it took almost 2-3 weeks before it dried up properly and healed…
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To be honest, I did not immediately think of Spray8 when I got hurt.. I immediately thought of and used some providone iodine on the wound and guess what… it worked very well….. on my pitching vocals…yup… the providone iodine hurt like hell and made me scream… it just felt like you added some salt on the wounds… and worse, my wound did not immediately dry up and it practically seem to fester, throb and watered for a whole day...

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Then I realized how silly I was when I saw the Spray8 bottle and decided to try out the Spray8 instead after taking a shower.

I was getting ready to flinch in pain or practice my vocal cords again but guess what… it did not hurt one tiny bit… and in just an hour... the wound dried up really fast...

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I really cannot believe it myself but it dried up in like 2 hours...and it did not even throb or hurt at all... it was practically a miracle and I really am not just trying to promote Spray8 but you really have to try it to believe it...

So, serves me right for not using Spray8 and saving myself from the intense pain in the first place, huh…huhuhu… Now I know better and am so keeping the Spray8 where I can see it...

Spray8's formula is hypo allergic and is suitable for sensitive skin. It can reduce inflammation almost instantly because my skin definitely felt soothed after I sprayed it on…. There is no burning, stinging or discomfort when used, making it just ideal for kids and anyone who dislike more pain after getting hurt… see… I learned the hard way myself…. And best of all it is just so simple to use. Just spray it on the wounds....

Did you know that DermaXan® is 100% natural, but it exhibits properties which are similar and can rival conventional harsh chemicals. It is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammation...

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Spray8® has shown remarkable success in Malaysia. It is affordably priced. Many of its users have experienced improved wound healing especially those with diabetes.
You can use Spray8®for a variety of skin problems including:
  • Diabetic lesions & wounds
  • Wound care
  • Kids injury
  • First aid
  • Elderly care
  • Scabs & dry skin (elderly)
  • Bed sores & pressure ulcers
  • Hot water scalding
  • Inflammation
  • Insect bites (mosquitos too)

Spray8® is available in both 50ml & 100ml

Visit https://store.furleybio.com to get yours now....


  1. glad to know this works. Shall let my friends know too.

  2. Look at those before and after. It's probably good for wounds that I have on my leg too! Thanks for this post :D


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