Dec 18, 2012

BBJX episode 3-4 (from

Episode 3

Time for Ruo Xi to enter the Forbidden City! All the princes and family celebrate a special summer festival. Here’s where I feel terribly for 10th. The Emperor notes that he’s ‘of marriageable age’…and in a moment of STUPIDITY, decides to pair 10th with MING YU. THE LOOK ON POOR 10TH’S FACE. And right at that moment, literally ALL the other princes looked down and GRIMACED for poor 10th. (All these subtle details are actually humorous to me) I FEEL SO SORRY FOR 10TH.

Ruo Xi broods over 10th’s horrible engagement, and begins to realize that life in the Forbidden City isn’t glamorous at all.
Why? Isn’t he a prince? Doesn’t he have a high status? Why is it that someone with such a high status has lost something so precious? Freedom? Is this the fate of everyone in the Forbidden City?
“Why is it that our fates can be decided by a single word from the Emperor? Why was I brought here…The education I’ve received taught me that my destiny is in my own hands. Now I’m suddenly told that everything is up to fate. Resign myself to fate? I’ll never do that.”
Understandably, Ruo Xi is now conflicted over what her own fate will be. If she never returns the the present, will she be stuck in an unhappy marriage like 10th? Of course, she wants to decide her own destiny, but now she has to come to terms with the controlling Emperor who has everyone in the palm of his hands. I like this conflict a lot, as it shows that Ruo Xi is now beginning to understand the rules of this society more and more.
Episode 4
Ruo Xi mopes around, as she ponders the woes of life and 10th’s cruel fate. In actuality, she’s just angry that the emperor has the power to control her life. She bitterly tells 8th and 13th that this marriage is being forced on 10th by a certain SOMEONE. Oh no. You DO NOT speak against the emperor. 8th bro is infuriated and harshly warns her never to say that again. 13th explains that the Emperor is the authority, and is never to be questioned. I think Ruo Xi is being more self-centered in her moping–she’s not mourning the fate of 10th, but rather, her own fate.
OMG 10TH IS KILLING ME. He’s been drinking away his troubles the past couple days. Ruo Xi goes to comfort him. OMG the disappointed look in 10th’s eyes when Ruo Xi flatly REJECTS HIM.
“Are you willing to be my Ce-fujin? I’ll treat you well! I promise..”
“I’m not willing.”
“I know. Even if I ask you to be my Di-fujin, you wouldn’t agree…Now, it’s even more impossible.”

“Ruo Xi, have you ever liked me?”
“I did.”

AND THEN 10TH REACHES FOR HER HAND…BUT SHE DRAWS AWAY…AND HE STOPS. OMG. This is the saddest hand-holding-attempt scene ever. AND THE MUSIC IS SO PERFECT.
“Actually, I’m still happy. The truth is, these past two days, I’ve wanted to ask you face to face, but was scared to hear your answer. Scared it’d be an answer I didn’t want. So I didn’t ask.”
I love 10th so much. He says that he’s never been good at studying, and will never catch up to his amazing brothers. Only 8th bro treats him well. Everyone else talks about him behind his back. Ruo Xi assures him that she’s happy when she’s with him.
[insert rant here] I really felt the heartache in this scene. I feel SO BAD for 10th. Yes, Ruo Xi rejected him gracefully, and I understand why she did–she only views him as her good friend. BUT. BUT. I think she has so many other things to consider. IF she’s stuck here for the rest of her life, would she want to risk an unhappy arranged marriage with some other random guy? Or would she rather spend her whole life with her bestie? And you know 10th is completely earnest! But, you gotta remember the “decide your own destiny” theme, which I think will be a biggie in BBJX. I’m still really disappointed, and I shall mourn 10th’s fate.

So, now that the drama with 10th is done, I guess the directors decided to give us a 8th/Ruo Xi shippy moment. AKA the most beautiful scene yet. Ruo Xi goes out walking in the snow. We get a beautiful shot of the icicles on the tree, and Ruo Xi catching a snowflake in her hand. So pretty!!! Suddenly 8th bro starts walking next to Ruo Xi. They plod on in the snow.

Ruo Xi trips, and 8th quickly catches her. There’s a moment of tension between the two.

She pulls away her hand.

AND THEN HE HOLDS HER HAND. AND WALKS WITH HER THE ENTIRE WAY…HOLDING HER HAND. OMG. This amazingly executed shippy moment is just not possible in the modern day. This is the whole she-trips-and-he-catches-her scene DONE RIGHT.
[insert rant here] OK. Am I the only one a little freaked out by 8th making a move on Ruo Xi? I mean, she’s his wife’s younger sister! Yeah, in those times, things were different (concubines, first & second wives, etc.) but STILL.

10th, understandably, doesn’t want to marry Ming Yu. He accuses 8th bro, saying that he doesn’t even love his first wife.
“Even if you have all the riches in the world, sacrifices must be made…Love between a man and a woman is but a lovely dream. It is not everlasting.”
10th bravely puts on his hat in preparation for the wedding. 10th, I applaud your courage.

This episode is on a roll. 13th gets his scene too. I LOVE 13TH! He takes Ruo Xi out to go drinking. In the woods. He’s loaded his horse with bottles of alcohol and is determined to drink them ALL. Ruo Xi isn’t pleased because she has a bad impression of 13th. I, on the other hand, would be thrilled.
Ruo Xi quickly gets drunk and spills the beans to 13th that she’s from the future. 13th isn’t affected by the alcohol at all.

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