Dec 18, 2012

BBJX (from

These are taken off from . I love how she wrote about the story , but I took the liberty to edit some of it with my own words as well and share it with my friends reading this...


Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 1

Gorgeous scenery!!!

So, Ruo Xi  is at the palace of 8th bro. At first she doesn’t believe she’s in the past, but she quickly realizes that this is reality. She finds out that she (or, the real princess) fell down the stairs and got a head injury.  So, even though she’s disoriented, has a different personality, questions everything, the maid thinks she’s simply lost her memory.   
Ruo Xi puts two and two together, and concludes that to get back to the present, she must fall down from the stairs again. But she decides not to when her maid begs her not to.

Ruo Xi’s other genius plan? Get run over by a horse. That’ll get you back to the present. I admire her guts, but she made the wrong decision to stand in front of 4th bro and 13th bro’s horses. Because they are gentlemanly, chivalrous PRINCES who are able to stop their horses from trampling over her. 13th bro immediately gets off his horse to help Ruo Xi…
4th bro has this strong, composed air about him. He may not seem as openly concerned as 13th bro, but he is quite observant and wise. He knows that Ruo Xi purposely tried to get run over, and he warns her not to try it again. 
….And then there’s 10th bro. I think this picture pretty much sums it up. He is hilarious. He stares at Ruo Xi while he’s eating. She smirks at him, and surprises him completely. But then she downs a lot of rice..and starts choking on her food, and he smirks AT HER. I rather love these two.

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