Dec 18, 2012

BBJXX Episode 29- 33

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 29

In full emperor garb, 4th goes to visit his mom, who’s on her deathbed. But instead of being glad to see him, she refuses to acknowledge him as her son, and tells him to get out. She’s ashamed to face her ancestors.
“In my heart, I just have one son. He is 14th prince. You are not my son. You are not my son! Get out, disappear.
4th is on the verge of tears as she spits out her insults at him. The last words he hears from his mom: “You are not my son.” That’s gotta suck. De Fei dies. (I think 4th’s visit just made her stress out even more) 4th carefully removes his Emperor’s hat and places it by her bedside. He cries silently and slowly bows before her.
Ok, so let’s just clarify a bit as to WHY De Fei is so biased against her own son. Why does she favor 14th so much? It turns out she personally raised 14th, but 4th was raised by another woman. So De Fei and 4th are basically no more than distant family members/acquaintances. It still doesn’t justify why she hates 4th so much, but she did have a motive in the beginning.
14th, always a step too late, arrives at his mother’s room. He’s devastated to find her dead. AUGHHH 14TH ANGST! He stands before his mom, with his shoulders slumped, before he drops to his knees and sobs. AHHH 14TH. :’( He looks like a little kid as he sobs his heart out. 4th promptly walks in along with a lot of eunuchs who are prepared to get her ready for the funeral. 4th calmly says that 14th should let De Fei sleep and be buried.
14th still hasn’t come to terms with his mom’s death. He needs more time to process it before they perform the burial. 14th refuses to let the eunuchs begin the burial, yelling at them to get out. The eunuchs obey 4th’s orders and attempt to approach De Fei’s bed, but he pushes them away.
4th walks up to 14th, telling him that she’s already left this world. 14th is still in denial. He grips 4th’s robe..
“Nobody is to touch my mother, especially you!”
Outside the house, we see Ruo Xi watching from afar. The eunuchs start yelling 14th’s name and call for a doctor. (It’s implied that 14th fainted.)
“Mothers and sons, who is right and who is wrong, comes an ending where all three are hurt.”
Ruo Xi enters 14th’s room. 14th is laying in bed, still desolate over his mom’s death. Ruo Xi tells him to take his medicine.
“Ruo Xi. When Imperial Father died, you were there. Did he really give the throne to 4th prince?”
14th says that his mom said for sure that the emperor said he was going to hand over the throne to him. Ruo Xi says that perhaps his mom twisted the emperor’s words. But it’s certain that the emperor gave the throne to 4th.
14th fully trusts Ruo Xi, and it breaks my heart because Ruo Xi knows the truth..
“Alright. I believe you. I’ve finally put down a worry. He’ll be his emperor, and I’ll be my own unconcerned person.”
14th lays back down on his bed with a sad smile, and Ruo Xi visits an altar to pray.
“This kind of lie may be the best for the emperor and 14th prince. Ancestor, De Fei Niang Niang, I hope that you can understand and forgive me. Forgive the emperor.”
13th and Ruo Xi have tea together. Ruo Xi is helping Hong Li prepare a birthday gift for Cheng Huan. 13th asks why Hong Li is the one giving the gift. Ruo Xi quietly says that he’ll understand in the future. 13th doesn’t question her motives, and turns to leave.
13th: The Imperial Brother is now the emperor. It’s what I have to do…We are no longer the 4th and 13th brothers from the past. We are now ruler and government official. Facing these changes, I have to get used to it slowly.
Ruo Xi: But he doesn’t wish that you see him as the emperor.
13th: I know. But Ruo Xi, since a person has risen to that position, it doesn’t matter if he wishes it or not. he would have to face the loneliness and respect of being at the very top…Slowly, he’ll get accustomed to it. In the future, unknowingly, he’ll get used to the absolute power that his position gives him…
Ruo Xi confidently says that 4th won’t get used to it, but 13th replies that Ruo Xi is the one who needs to accept something.
“I will see him not only as my 4th brother, but as the world’s emperor. I am his subject. I will hail to him as a brother, but stay loyal to him as a subject.”
AHHH THIS NEXT LINE REALLY GETS ME. 13th shakes his head with a small smile:
“Royal brother understands everything. The one who doesn’t understand is you.”
OMGGGG. This scene was so perfect!!! And 13th’s last line “The one who doesn’t understand is you” is so powerful.
Ruo Xi talks to 13th after he leaves the court. She catches on that something is wrong, and of course 13th can’t hide anything from Ruo Xi. He says that 8th was yelled at by 4th. 8th is punished to kneel the whole night outside the temple. Ruo Xi is about to go into the court to confront 4th and beg forgiveness for 8th, but 13th stops her. He says she should let go of 8th bro. She asks if she were in the same situation, could 13th stand up for her?
“If you were in situation, if the same thing happened, will you become a stranger? Can you stay unconcerned?”
13th looks away in reply. He reminds her that she has no relation to 8th anymore, now that she’s out of his household. If she keeps on caring about 8th, it will end up hurting him in the long run.
“The us from now, is no longer the us from back then. Then he was 4th prince. Now he is the emperor.” If you really want good things for 8th brother, just let it go.”
Ruo Xi is bothered by 13th’s advice. She visits the altar to pray. 4th comes to visit. She’s been kneeling for 2 hours and hasn’t even eaten. He tells her to get up, but Ruo Xi just continues to kneel there. She recites a few proverbs, and asks him,
“Why can’t you just forget about what happened in the past?”
He simply replies, “Every action has its consequence.” and leaves quickly.
Ruo Xi is still kneeling by the altar even when it becomes nighttime. She wonders to herself how 8th can endure kneeling on the concrete at his age. 4th comes to visit Ruo Xi again. He asks if she intends on accompanying 8th. Ruo Xi continues to kneel there, so he orders her to get up.
“Now you’re being the emperor to order me?”
This scene is sad because exactly what Ruo Xi doesn’t want to happen is happening–the emperor/subject relationship is being established.
Since Ruo Xi can’t kneel, she stands in her room the entire night. Morning comes, and Ruo Xi wonders what she should do next. 4th visits her, and notices that she’s wearing the same robe she wore the night before. He concludes that she stood the whole night, and angrily throws a tray of tea on the ground. Before storming away, 4th informs her that he let 8th return home. Ruo Xi crumples to the ground after 4th leaves.
(I feel kinda bad for Ruo Xi’s maids because it feels like she falls to the ground in every single episode.)
Ruo Xi stays at Yu Tan’s house for a while. Yu Tan and Ruo Xi drink tea together. Yu Tan talks about rumors about the imperial court, but understandably, Ruo Xi doesn’t want to hear any of it.
13th and Ruo Xi banter about political matters.
“Once you’re at the top, the only place to go is down.”
The conversation inevitably turns to 4th/Ruo Xi’s relationship. 13th is here to mediate between the two. He says that ever since Ruo Xi left, 4th is always uptight. Why can’t they reconcile and get along? The whole time, Ruo Xi quietly sips her tea.
Why do you bring misery upon yourself because of love?
Ruo Xi begins to tear up, but remains silent. 13th takes Ruo Xi’s tea cup out of her hands to make his point:
Ruo Xi, allow yourself to live more freely. Some things, if you can let go, just let them go.
13th leaves, and Ruo Xi looks over at her tea cup (which is now on the table) with tears in her eyes.
A eunuch is ordered to take Ruo Xi home. At first Ruo Xi refuses to go, but gives in when the eunuch begs her to go home for his sake. Again, I feel pretty bad for the eunuch because if Ruo Xi really didn’t go, he’d be punished by 4th.
4th is happy to see Ruo Xi back, but Ruo Xi gives him the cold shoulder. I actually thought this scene was hilarious because Ruo Xi and 4th are just like a married couple. 4th is at loss at how to handle Ruo Xi’s anger, and just like a husband admitting defeat, he begs her to forgive him. ROFL.
“The emperor is also human.”
Ruo Xi eventually tells him that she memorized some of his favorite poetry. She thinks he’s like the person in the poem–he cares about the wellbeing of his people. 4th grins at this compliment, and asks when she memorized the poetry. Ruo Xi refuses, and the two of them cutely smile. They made up!
The next day, Ruo Xi serves 13th & 4th special tea and pastries. 4th’s shoulder is hurting, so Ruo Xi insists that the doctor check it. The doctor says that something heavy was leaning on his shoulder. ROFL. 4th, 13th, and Ruo Xi just stand there like they don’t know what to do with that diagnosis. The doctor leaves, and 13th and 4th crack up. Ruo Xi quickly runs out of the room in embarrassment. ROFL, I cracked up so much during this scene!!

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 30

This is definitely one of my favorite scenes because of how beautifully it’s filmed and the great little details:
8th takes a walk outside, admiring the cherry blossoms. (If I could just have a garden full of those trees..I would be happy.) He comes across a feathered toy (I don’t know the name for it) on the ground. 8th picks it up and has a flashback of young Ruo Xi, when she was playing with it happily. He smiles sadly as he holds the toy in his hand. AUGHHHHH 8TH.
Ming Hui comes and walks with 8th. She comments that thanks to Ruo Xi, 8th was able to escape 4th’s punishment. 8th agrees that it was worth knowing Ruo Xi, since she still remembers them as old friends from the past.
8th: “I would prefer that she just forgets it all. Although I’m thankful, I hope there won’t be a next time…She can help this time, but won’t be able to help a second or a third time. I just hope she can live peacefully in the palace, and stop being caught up with us brothers and the matters of the court.”
Ming Hui: “Why not just let go, and have some peace? You have me, and the children. From now on, spend more time with us. It’s better than gaining position and land.”
^I LOVEEE the part when Ming Hui says “It’s better than gaining position and land” because it shows her tapping 8th’s hand. (top right pic) Just a great little detail in this scene that makes it even better.
8th smiles sadly and puts back down the feathered toy on the grass.
8th: “At this point, even if I wanted to put it all down, it’s not that easy now.”
He smiles sadly again, and takes Ming Hui’s hand. Ming Hui pats his arm and they continue on their walk.
I love this scene because it really ties back to what I was saying about episode 29–even if they want to let go so badly, it’s really not that easy. 8th is also quite wise in his wish that Ruo Xi won’t save him again. If she does, it’ll only make things worse for her because of 4th’s hate for 8th. We all know that Ruo Xi can’t help but care about the other princes, and in doing so, she carries a heavy burden for her whole life. Some people don’t understand why Ruo Xi can’t just stop caring about the princes and just move on already. To me, it’s more like the princes are Ruo Xi’s FAMILY. She can’t just abandon her family after rising to the top.
Ming Yu visits Ming Hui after staying in Mongolia for a long time with 10th. She observes that Ming Hui seems like an entirely different person. Ming Yu vents her anger over the unfairness, etc. etc., and asks Ming Hui why she doesn’t want to fight back.
Again, I admire Ming Hui so freaking much:
“Being part of the royal family, I cannot enjoy what ordinary people cannot experience: wealth. Then of course, we also experience pain that ordinary people don’t have. Instead of crying about it everyday, why not let it go and live happily? If in the end, if life really is about to end…faced with confinement, I’ll accompany my prince to confinement..This life, we’ve fought, and smiled. What is there to regret?”
Ming Yu is following in Ming Hui’s footsteps; she agrees wholeheartedly…
“…This life, we have our own prince. Just that is enough.”
After visiting Ming Hui, Ming Yu talks with Ruo Xi. We don’t hear their conversation, but it’s implied that Ming Yu told Ruo Xi about 10th’s bleak situation.
Afterward, Ruo Xi goes to visit 4th. 4th seems to know what Ruo Xi’s gonna talk about, because he’s uptight and tense. Ruo Xi simply says that she talked with Ming Yu. 4th hands over a report to Ruo Xi, which talks about 10th getting imprisoned because he caused a ruckus.
“I will never pardon them.”
Ruo Xi asks 4th to be more lenient on the princes…
Ruo Xi: “8th prince has already given up the imperial throne. Why are you still unable to forgive him?
4th: “He gave up because he couldn’t not give up.”
4th worriedly opens up about all the troubles he’s facing with corruption amongst high ranking officials. He says he needs to be harsh in order to keep the officials from supporting 8th’s group. Ruo Xi is quite insightful when she points out that 4th makes sense, but is all he doing really for the sake of outwitting his enemies? (the implicit meaning–is this really his only motive? Is it not for revenge?)
4th takes Ruo Xi’s hand, and reminds her of 13th’s imprisonment and her poor health. He blames it all on 8th’s group. Ruo Xi assures 4th that it’s not 8th’s group’s fault, and that 13th holds no grudge against them either. 4th says that he doesn’t want the rest of the family to drag her into these issues. He thinks that Ming Yu doesn’t care about Ruo Xi at all.
“I can only promise you that I won’t take their lives.”
For some reason, Ruo Xi decides to visit her old laundry department quarters. The laundry girls all greet her in respect. Ruo Xi asks where Eunuch Zhang is. The laundry girls all whisper to each other, but tell her that Eunuch Zhang left the palace. Ruo Xi thinks to herself that it’s highly unlikely that he left the palace unless he messed up big time. (Eunuchs usually stay in the palace until very old age.)
Ruo Xi thinks that maybe Eunuch Wang knows something about Eunuch Zhang. She visits his house, and is puzzled to hear him crying before she knocks on the door. Turns out Ruo Xi picked the perfect day to visit–it’s Eunuch Li’s death anniversary. OMGGGGGGGG.
Ruo Xi questions Eunuch Wang, noticing that he has incense burning in front of a platter of desserts. Eunuch Wang attempts to make stuff up, but Ruo Xi notices that the desserts are all Eunuch Li’s favorites. OMGGGGGGG.
Ruo Xi’s crying scenes don’t usually affect me that much, because she always does the same single-tear thing, but this scene really got me. Points for the voice actor as well, because LSS and the voice actor really nailed this scene.
“What happened? Tell me honestly. By now, what else is there to hide? From the moment I entered the palace, I’ve been with Eunuch Li. He treated me very well. Even in the end, he tried to bring me back to our previous emperor’s side? He’s gone. Yet I don’t know anything. How can I feel at peace?”
Eunuch Wang fesses up and tells Ruo Xi the truth–Eunuch Li committed suicide.
“Why? Why? Why else? How can His majesty let him go? I’m too naive, forgetting how the mind of royalty works.”
Ruo Xi slowly walks back in the rain. We hear the rest of her conversation with Eunuch Wang. (Again, love the directing here.) She finds out that Eunuch Zhang’s tongue and hands were cut off before he got kicked out of the palace.
(top left pic) It’s nighttime. Ruo Xi worriedly sits up at night, still disturbed over all that she’s found out. 4th visits her, worried that she skipped dinner. After he leaves, Ruo Xi thinks to herself..
“I actually learned how to reply cautiously. I don’t dare light the lamp because I’m afraid he’ll see my scared expression. Back then, even though I knew he was harsh with 8th prince, I thought he still loved me, won’t ever hurt me, but now I can’t help but fear him and agonize over his every word.”
Unfortunately Ruo Xi is now experiencing the same thing 8th experienced–doubt in the one she loves.
(middle pics) 4th’s son, Hong Shi (now the 3rd prince) BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART, actually has the guts to request that 8th return to politics and help out 4th. OMGGGG, I cringed for the poor guy. And the funny part is that he goes, “I have a suggestion, I don’t know if I should say it or not..” Me: DON’T!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like one of those happy-go-lucky kids, so I felt pretty bad for him when 4th flipped out.
4th flips out and calls him an unfilial son. (HMM does 4th seem similar to Kang Xi much?) Hong Shi runs for his life. Ruo Xi overhears 3rd prince and Yu Tan talking together after 3rd prince got reprimanded.
(bottom two pics) Nighttime again! One of 4th’s concubines comes to visit him. (HMM. I wanna see all of 4th’s other wives!) She happily says that he’s finally remembered her! 4th apologizes for neglecting her, making the excuse that the war has him occupied. He tells her to pass on a message to tell Nian Ge Yao that he’ll be rewarded if he wins the war. She assures him that he’ll definitely do his best. 4th holds her hand, and she smiles happily.
4th and 13th talk politics while Yu Tan and Ruo Xi drink tea together. 4th pointedly looks at Yu Tan while loudly telling 13th his ‘plans’. (This will be an important point later on..)
Cheng Huan runs to tell Ruo Xi that someone is being steamed. That’s right, STEAMED. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Cheng Huan tells her that 4th ordered that all the servants must go watch the steaming. Ruo Xi frantically asks if she knows who it is, but Cheng Huan doesn’t know. Ruo Xi runs out of the house, only to be stopped by a eunuch. Again, I feel bad for the eunuch, who’s been ordered to keep Ruo Xi from leaving the house. Ruo Xi refuses to stay put, and runs outside. She sees the steaming bin, and has trouble keeping her food down. All the servants watching are throwing up. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Ruo Xi orders the eunuch to tell her who it is. At first he refuses, but when she runs forward, he desperately yells that it’s Yu Tan. Ruo Xi faints right then and there. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
Ruo Xi wakes up in her bed, with 4th carefully tending to her. She immediately flips out at 4th, still distraught over Yu Tan’s cruel death.
“Get away. Why have you done this?…She’s my sister!!!”
4th replies that Yu Tan didn’t think of Ruo Xi as her sister, and he did what he had to do. He breaks the news that Ruo Xi is pregnant.
“I hate you.”
4th is heartbroken, but calmly says..
“If you want me to leave, then I will leave right now. But please take care of yourself and the child.”
4th tries to wipe Ruo Xi’s tears, but she pushes his hand away. He turns to leave while hearing Ruo Xi cry her heart out.
^love the bottom left pic. Great directing again, when 13th leaves and the camera pans over to focus on 4th. (bottom right pic)
13th congratulates 4th on Ruo Xi’s pregnancy, but is shocked to find out that 4th steamed Yu Tan. 4th explains that Yu Tan was being used by 9th to get his son to fight for the position of Crown Prince. 13th wisely says that he’ll find the time to explain everything to Ruo Xi.
Ruo Xi has flashbacks of her times with Yu Tan, and thinks to herself that she wasn’t able to protect Yu Tan even with 4th’s love for her. Ruo Xi feels guilty because she promised Yu Tan to protect her. She suddenly faints and collapses, and only then do we see that she was kneeling in front of an altar. Great little detail there.
Eunuch Wang secretly delivers a letter from Yu Tan to Ruo Xi. Yu Tan’s letter has a sense of urgency, because she wrote it when she knew her time was almost up.
“I have no regrets and no complaints.”
13th visits Ruo Xi to advise her to care for her baby.
“I’ll do my best, but I can’t stop this heartache.”
13th tells Ruo Xi the truth about Yu Tan–Yu Tan was a spy for 9th, and although 4th warned her various times, Yu Tan didn’t heed his warnings. Ruo Xi slyly says that perhaps 4th allowed Yu Tan to stay in the palace because it’s better to keep your enemies close, to know their plans, rather than not knowing anything at all. She’s got a point there…
She bitterly says that while Yu Tan and Eunuch Zhang might’ve been at fault, they didn’t deserve such cruel punishments.
“In the palace, all I know now is fear, and more fear.”
Ruo Xi peeks into the court, and overhears 4th harshly reprimanding 8th and 9th. 8th and 9th meekly take his criticism and leave the court with defeated faces.
“They are all blood brothers, but he’s shaming them in front of everybody, leaving them no pride at all.”
Ruo Xi greets 8th and 9th. 9th says not to bother; she’s of high status, and she’s bowing to him? “Isn’t that just another crime I’ve committed?” ROFL. If there’s one thing I love about 8th’s group, it’s their ability to make sarcastic jabs at their misfortune.

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 31

Ruo Xi takes 9th aside to ask him about Yu Tan..
“Towards Yu Tan’s death, do you feel any guilt at all?”
9th’s eyes lower a bit, but he quickly recovers himself, and harshly points out the servant-master relationship between him and Yu Tan.
9th: “What guilt are you talking about?”
Ruo Xi: “Do you mean to say Yu Tan is just a chess piece you’ve hidden in the palace for 20 years?”
9th haughtily says that it should be Yu Tan’s honor, since she’s only a lowly servant. I’d say that 9th is just as clever with his words as Ruo Xi is:
“If you want to say something for your sister, then you should go search for the Emperor. He’s the real murderer.”
We know that 9th is actually a big softie, because when he goes home, he broods over his happy memories with Yu Tan. (It’s hinted that they had a romantic relationship, not just a servant/master relationship)
He thinks to himself:
“4th, you owe me too much!”
9th talks about how ridiculous it is that 8th got punished for 10th’s doings. 8th calmly tells him to get 10th to hurry up and stop looking for trouble.
9th doesn’t want to back down:
9th: “8th brother, we can’t keep retreating! He’ll only go overboard! The one who led us brothers to fight for the throne was you. The one who is suffering now is also you! Can’t we fight properly one more time? It’s better than being forced into a corner by him!”
8th: “The dust has already settled. He is the Emperor. What he wants me to do, I will do. Whatever he wants, it’s up to him, even if it’s confinement. With things as they are, why bother doing more, only to let him find more to blame us for?…Going against him, you will only bring harm to those around you.
8th advises 9th to keep his temper in check and to stop going against the emperor.
After 8th leaves, 9th asks Ming Hui for her opinion. She advises him to follow 8th’s advice, because in the end, it’s for everyone’s own good.
9th: If we’re going to be brought down, he [the emperor] is going to suffer along with us.
Ming Hui: “We all need to hide from him [the emperor], how are we going to do that? Forget it.”
Ruo Xi is still desolate and heartbroken over Yu Tan’s death. 4th sends in Qiao Hui to wait on Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi quickly tells her to leave, because she doesn’t want her in the palace. (Ruo Xi doesn’t really say why, but I think it’s because she doesn’t want Qiao Hui to get caught up in any palace matters. After everything that happened with the eunuchs and Yu Tan, Ruo Xi doesn’t want anyone to be hurt because of her.)
“In my heart, I’ve already thought of of Madam as my elder sister, and second miss as my biological younger sister.”
Qiao Hui urges Ruo Xi to take care of herself for the sake of her baby. Ruo Xi breaks down in Qiao Hui’s arms.
Cheng Huan convinces Ruo Xi to listen to her zither playing. 4th visits, but Ruo Xi is still distant and formal. Ruo Xi says that she’d like a girl, not a boy:
“I don’t want my own children to be fighting among themselves, without regards for each other.”
BURNNNNNNNN. Things get a little awkward because that was basically an indirect insult towards 4th. Everyone except Ruo Xi is dismissed. Ruo Xi tries to excuse herself, but 4th stops her and tells her he must give her a title now that she’s pregnant. She refuses, asking him to let her out of the palace.
“I will never let you and the child leave me. Don’t even think about it! Do you only have hate for me now?”
Ruo Xi pulls out of the hug and faces him: (Love LSS’s acting here)
“How I hope that I have only hate for you. But even if I wanted to, I can’t bring myself to hate you. I’m only afraid of the palace, afraid of the emperor. Why is he so cruel? So much that I’m petrified.”
4th is heartbroken over her words, but maintains his composure:
4th: “…I will always be your 4th prince. But I am also the Emperor. There are a lot of things that I can’t help.”
Ruo Xi: “There may be a lot of things that can’t be helped. But maybe when handled by someone else, there is a different way of doing it. Yet you have always chosen the most extreme methods. You just end up hurting people around you. Why? Why are you so cruel to such an extreme?”
4th has no answer, and can only look at Ruo Xi with tormented eyes. Ruo Xi leaves him standing there with tears in his eyes.
Ruo Xi asks Cheng Huan about the song she played on the zither. Cheng Huan says that her new servant helped her choose it, and instructed her to tell Ruo Xi:
“As long as you’re willing to give up, Er Qi will follow accordingly.”
Ruo Xi wonders to herself who “Er Qi” is, and realizes it’s 14th. She understands why 4th is so paranoid and strict with the servants now. (Because the princes still have the power to plant servants in the palace)
4th sends over a list of titles for Ruo Xi to choose from. Ruo Xi sets it aside and goes for a walk..
“Qiao Hui, with a title, I will have to be tied together with this Forbidden City.”
Ming Hui has a conversation with Ruo Xi. And omg, this scene is  SOOOOOOO INTENSE.
Ming Hui tells Ruo Xi about the troubles with 10th and 8th.
“Now, Wang-ye never bothers much about these issues. Whether things go up or down, he doesn’t dwell on it. Whatever the emperor commands, he will do…With things going as they are, what else is there to fight for? The Emperor has been testing us, discouraging us. We have always been giving way, but he’s always taken advantage of us.”
4th and the court officials always take every opportunity to find fault in 8th, making his life a living hell. Ruo Xi keeps a straight face the whole time, but it seems like it’s painful for her to hear all the details of 8th’s downfall.
“Who knows how much longer we’re able to live. We all know that the knife will come down one day. But we still have to worry when it will. I was still terrified in the past, but now, I feel that the sooner it is, the better.”
Ming Hui finally gets to the point. She mentions the time when 8th’s plan ended up with 13th’s imprisonment. She questions why 8th targeted 4th back then, when they were still on good terms with each other. And why didn’t 8th target other princes, like 3rd prince? Ruo Xi still doesn’t understand yet.
Ming Hui gets closer and closer to Ruo Xi..
…back then someone, not just once, especial warned Wang’ye to be careful of the emperor, and even listed a whole list names. Although Wang’ye was dubious, but to be on the safe side, he decided to do something about it. If that’s the case, the emperor seems to be hating the wrong person…the mastermind is someone else.
Ruo Xi is startled by the implications of her words, and steps back. All she can say is “Someone else” over and over. Ming Hui wonders which will be stronger: 4th’s sadness or anger. Ruo Xi is so grief-stricken that she falls to the ground in tears.
“You came out of Bei’le’s estate, and received so much from Wang’ Ye over the years, he wants you to cute off all ties with us, how can it be that easy? Right, 9th brother wants me to tell you, if we have to suffer pain, we’ll give you at least 50% of it!
I have to admit, Ming Hui completely owned that scene.
Back in her room, Ruo Xi is ridden with guilt.
“Qiao Hui, it was me. It turns out everything was because of me. I was the mastermind…I’ve never thought that his [8th's] ending was caused by me. If not for me, he wouldn’t have gone against 4th, and maybe 13th wouldn’t have been confined….”
13th comes to visit Ruo Xi. WORST TIMING EVER. :’( Ruo Xi is still having trouble coming to terms with what was probably the biggest revelation in her life.
“It’s not you who have done wrong, it’s me. It’s me!
(In her mind:) Because of me, you suffered for 10 years, ending up with such ill health.
13th asks if 9th knows about Ruo Xi’s past with 8th. She says that 9th, 10th, and 14th all must know already. He cautiously asks how far she want with 8th. Ruo Xi only asks “Is that important?”. Definitely not the right answer, because it only creates a misunderstanding.
Ruo Xi suddenly collapses. She whispers, “My baby” as blood begins to pool on the ground. 4th rushes in, and is shocked to see Ruo Xi having a miscarriage. The doctor tells 4th he can only do his best to save the mother, but not the baby.
In court, 4th angrily throws a report at 8th and blames Ming Hui for everything. 8th takes a deep breath, gets on his knees, and asks for his punishment. 4th orders 8th to divorce Ming Hui within 3 days. WHAT THE HECK, 4TH? 8th is just as shocked as we are, and finally speaks out:
“I have always been giving into you, but why are you still forcing me into a corner?”
4th says that if he divorces Ming Hui, he can save his life.
“Ming Hui’s crimes, I will take upon myself. As a man, I will not let my wife suffer! To have to divorce my wife, I’d rather die than obey.”
4th reminds him that he can execute 8th’s entire family for refusing to obey. 8th only smiles.. (OMGGGGGGGGGGGG 8THHHHHHHHHHHH)
“Ever since you’ve become the emperor, my whole family has already become offerings. You can do whatever you want. I have no more inspirations or goals. I just want to grow old with Ming Hui. If this is so hard to grant, you might as well kill us.”
4th orders 8th to kneel outside the palace, and 8th only laughs in response. Heh, probably NOT the response 4th wanted.
8th kneels in the rain, with fists clenched and his hat on the ground by his side. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
13th, bless his heart, appeals for 8th:
13th: “..if he continues kneeling like this, he’ll lose his legs.”
4th: “Have you forgotten how he treated you back then? Didn’t he also give you your leg problems?
4th tells 13th the news that Ruo Xi can no longer have children. 13th can only look at 4th in silence as 4th orders that 8th be sent home. But there’s a catch–8th has to WALK the entire way home. Now, if you’ve ever been to the Forbidden City, you know how freaking huge that place is. It’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure. And 8th has to walk the whole way home. :’(((((((((((
I really started tearing up in this scene. 8th slowly limps home while holding his hat, which is now ruined by the rain. 8th finally reaches home at nighttime. Ming Hui is waiting outside for him.
8th smiles tiredly, but suddenly trips and falls in a puddle. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH 8THHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Ming Hui cries by 8th’s bedside. 8th reassuringly holds her hand, and doesn’t blame her for his punishment. Ming Hui doesn’t tell him what she really told Ruo Xi.
“You didn’t do anything, how would the Emperor be able to fault you?”
8th pats her hand (the same way Ming Hui patted his hand before) before going to sleep. Ming Hui puts his hand back under his blanket before leaving his bedside. But wait! The edict ordering their divorce falls from 8th’s robe, so Ming Hui finds out about it. :’(((((((((((
Ruo Xi drifts in and out of consciousness. When she finally wakes up for a long time, she finds out that 4th has been attending to her night and day

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 32

If you couldn’t handle the last few episodes, then I would advise you not to watch episode 32. It is the saddest episode yet. Basically, if you don’t want to see 4th, 8th, Ruo Xi, and Ming Hui suffer then don’t watch this episode.

Ruo Xi recovers from her coma. 4th comes to see her fully awake for the first time. The two of them cry while clinging to each other in relief. With a weak voice, Ruo Xi apologizes..
Ruo Xi: I’m sorry, I know you were looking forward to this child.
4th: It’s ok. Your health is the most important.
Ruo Xi: The heavens don’t want our child to come to this world to suffer. So they took him back.
Despite her weak condition and exhausted mental state, Ruo Xi has a smile on her face as she talks about how their child must be happy in heaven now.
Don’t blame anyone, ok? If you want to blame anyone, it would be my fault.
Too late, Ruo Xi!!! 4th averts his eyes, but Ruo Xi doesn’t seem to suspect anything when he advises her to worry about herself, not other people. He promises to take her on a walk after she recovers, and sheds a tear as she cries against him once again.
And for the BEAUTIFUL walk scene. LOVEEE it. It seems like the two of them are back to their cute selves, as they admire the plum blossoms. 4th offers Ruo Xi a flower to smell. Ruo Xi comments that the smell of the medication covers the smell of the flower. 4th says the CUTEST THING EVER:
I can smell only your fragrance.
4th leans in for a kiss, but Ruo Xi covers his mouth with her hand, playfully saying that he’s the emperor–he shouldn’t be doing such things in public! 4th is all, hey it’s my concubine and I!! Why wouldn’t I?
At the word “concubine,” Ruo Xi looks a little uncomfortable. She thinks it’s unnecessary now that she no longer has the child. On the other hand, 4th wants to give her a title ASAP no matter what.
4th: I’m only afraid of losing you.
Ruo Xi: I’m also afraid of losing you.
4th: How will you lose me?
Ruo Xi: Actually, I’m not from here. I’m Zhang Xiao. I’m not part of this time period. I’m afraid that one day, I’ll have to leave this place unwillingly. Like how I didn’t want to come here.
4th: …You want to leave?
Ruo Xi: I don’t.
4th: If you leave here voluntarily, no matter where you are, I will go find you.
Loveee that last line of 4th’s. Such a short scene, but such great stuff said. 4th dismisses Ruo Xi’s comment about her coming from a different time period as nonsense that Ruo Xi is randomly sputtering. I don’t know, maybe he thinks it’s just part of Ruo Xi’s quirkiness, since she’s always had odd ideas? I don’t really know why 4th doesn’t try to make sense of Ruo Xi’s words. Wouldn’t you at least go, “Huh? Please explain.”
We switch to 8th’s house. Ming Hui is on her knees, tearfully begging 8th to obey the edict and go through with the divorce.
“Wang’Ye, if it’s asked that I accompany you in death, I won’t even furrow my eyebrows, but now, the ones who will die are not just you, but there is also Hong Wang and the hundreds of lives in this whole household.”
Ming Hui scoots closer to 8th, still on her knees. She grabs his knee with both hands, and implores him to think of the consequences of disobedience–her family, his followers, everyone will be implicated by it. 8th tightens his grip on his tea cup, brooding silently.
Ming Hui calmly gets up to go to the desk. Just like the time when she wrote the divorce request for Ruo Lan, she now writes the letter for her very own divorce. 8th looks to the side, as though he’s trying to hold back and hide his tears. Ming Hui brings the letter and 8th’s seal to his side.
“Wang’Ye, for Hong Wang, for everyone, for my family, I beg you.”
Ming Hui bows her head and holds out the letter. 8th, still gripping the tea cup, finally sets it down on the table beside him. He reaches out with trembling hands to receive the letter from Ming Hui. 8th’s tears begin to fall as he grips the letter and his seal. OMG
8th holds back his cries as he stamps the letter with his seal. Right when the seal hits the letter, 8th closes his eyes and his tears FALL ON THE LETTER. OMGGGGGG. Ming Hui has a little sad smile on her face.
8th breaks down. AWTJAWIOGTAWWAIJEGTOAJSGHAEHJIOAEHJ!!!!!!!! Ming Hui takes the letter from him and thanks him. With nerves of steel, Ming Hui turns to walk away, still carefully composed. But 8th hugs her from behind. Ming Hui cries, but 8th doesn’t know, because she’s completely silent.
“Ming Hui! back then, I only saw your position and status, and not your deep love, causing you to be in this state now. Letting you go back, you may be able to save your life. There’s no need to be worried everyday now, or to be sacrificed.
Ming Hui visibly forces herself to put a smile on her face. Without turning around, Ming Hui slowly reaches toward 8th’s face to hold his cheek.
“Wang Ye, I understand. In my heart, you will always be here.”
Without another word, Ming Hui walks away, leaving 8th standing there. Ming Hui entrusts 8th to the care of one of the eunuchs. She bows, as the eunuch kneels on the ground and assures her he will always take care of 8th. Somehow the simple gesture of how she curtsies to the eunuch, and the eunuch’s deep loyalty, is just so heartbreaking. We see Ming Hui’s retreating silhouette, with the eunuch bowing his head as she leaves.
Ruo Xi asks 13th what 4th’s order is. 13th spills the beans about the divorce. 8th still hasn’t complied yet. (the letter hasn’t been sent yet..) Ruo Xi quickly moves to take action, instructing 13th to persuade 8th, while she persuades 4th. But 13th doesn’t move.
13th points out that 8th wouldn’t believe him. Ruo Xi has incredibly determined eyes. She decides to go with 13th to visit 8th.
Ruo Xi and 13th barge into 8th’s room. 8th is drunk and irate.
What else do you want to do? Do you plan on taking my life until you’re happy? If the king allows it, I want to.
Ruo Xi implores 8th not to divorce Ming Hui. 8th laughs bitterly, and throws the edict at Ruo Xi’s feet.
You should tell him.
Ruo Xi tells 8th to go find Ming Hui before something bad happens. She tells him to wake up and implies that 8th doesn’t understand Ming Hui’s heart. (The first time I watched this, I just wanted Ruo Xi to be quiet, but the second time through, I realized she’s simply trying to prevent anything bad from happening to Ming Hui.)
8th: I understand. Of course I understand. When everyone gave up on me, only she was there to take care of me, comfort me. When I was fighting, she always supported me. When I gave up, she also didn’t say anything. No doubt, I’m crazy, stupid and a fool. I had such a precious pearl beside me, but I still went looking for one. I’ve sworn I’ll use the left of my life to treat her well. But why are the heavens so cruel? I’ve always given way, but I’m still being cornered by the the emperor. I thought, that by being careful, I could exchange that for some peace. But I’ve just recently realized that’s impossible. My ending is settled already. But she’s different. The only thing I can do for her is to let her go.
Ruo Xi: You understand everything, but why can’t you see her heart?…She’s just afraid that you don’t want her!
At this point, 8th suddenly has an “Aha” moment. The threesome ride on horseback to find Ming Hui. (Here’s where I wondered if there were any drunk horse-riding accidents back in the day.)
The three find the house in flames. The servants tell them that Ming Hui committed suicide. 8th dashes toward the house, shouting her name. 13th and Ruo Xi hold him back. 8th sees Ming Hui inside the house and lets out the most heart-wrenching wail ever. AUGHHH.
Note that 8th doesn’t know what Ming Hui really said to Ruo Xi, nor does he know of Ruo Xi’s miscarriage.
8th: “She only came to find you to express her anguish. What harm did it do to you, to deserve such an ending? Now, are you satisfied?”
13th takes offense and defends Ruo Xi…and spills the beans that Ruo Xi can no longer bear children.
No harm done to her? Did you know that because of 8th’s words, the child in her womb is gone. She’ll never be able to have a child again!Don’t forget you still have Hong Wang. Your wife’s sacrifice is for whom? You have the answer in your heart. What should you do next? YOU HAVE THE ANSWER!
NOT THE RIGHT TIME FOR A PEP TALK, 13TH. Not the time to say “Well let’s look on the bright side of things.” I think that part was supposed to be really climatic but….13th’s little speech kinda ruined it for me.
8th sadly replies…
To drift and live without purpose. Living is worse than dying.
He falls to his knees and continues to sob.
At dawn, Ruo Xi returns home. 4th has been waiting up the whole night for them. When she enters the room, he simply tells her to go rest. No doubt, he knows where she’s been. Ruo Xi distantly tells him to go get ready for court.
4th gets up and reaches toward Ruo Xi’s cheek, but she looks away. 4th gets the message and doesn’t push any further. He tells 13th to look after her.
13th: “Ruo Xi, don’t torment yourself. 8th Fujin’s death has nothing to do with you.
Ruo Xi: “I’ve always thought to survive is hard, to seek death is easy…”
13th: “It wasn’t your fault from the beginning. It was also not 8th brother or 8th wife’s fault…can’t blame Imperial Brother.”
Ruo Xi quietly asks if she really can’t have children anymore. 13th only closes his eyes and stays silent.
“Might as well. Unless I want my child to suffer in the Forbidden City.”
Qiao Hui blames herself for all that’s happened, because she was the one who let Ming Hui see Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi is like a shell of her former self as she processes all that’s happening.
“How would you know the ending? None of you know. Right now, it’s only the second year of the emperor’s reign. I originally thought there would still be a couple years of peace. Turns out, it’s already started. it’s my fault. Right now, it’s only just begun.”
Ming Yu confronts 8th in her grief over her sister. She blames 8th for Ming Hui’s death and cries distraughtly,
“I know. I know that even til death, my sister will never hate you. But I, I hate you!
Really, I think this scene would’ve had a lot more impact if 8th had said “Please, hate me.” instead of “I owe her.”
8th sits in the dark and has several flashbacks of his memories with Ming Hui, all emphasizing Ming Hui’s amazing loyalty and strength.
I believe Ming Hui would still say these words, perhaps even while she was dying:
Marrying you, I have never regretted it.
8th talks out loud to Ming Hui, his eyes mixed with love and grief.
“Ming Hui, I cannot pay you back in this life. In the next life, I will repay you a hundred fold. Ming Hui, I promise you, I won’t let you go alone…From now on, I will not back down. Even if that will incur my death, I will gladly meet you soon. I won’t let you down.”
Ming Yu visits Ruo Xi. She quickly drops to her knees before Ruo Xi.
“I, today came here to beg you. Ruo Xi, my sister already died. I can no longer stand watching 10th prince live a life worse than death. Instead of letting the emperor humiliate us and torture us so, why not just finish it off?
Ruo Xi finds out that 10th is being humiliated as a result of 4th’s scheming.
“Since the beginning, it’s always been winner takes all. There’s nothing to argue about. But the emperor…why does the emperor torture us and make things so difficult for us? First it was 8th prince, and then sister. Now it’s me, and 10th prince…”
It seems like Ruo Xi hasn’t realized just how bad it’s gotten with 10th’s situation, because she steps back and leans on the table in shock.
“10th prince. Now it’s 10th prince’s turn.”
Ming Yu continues beg Ruo Xi to ask 4th to have mercy and let it all be over quickly.
“If he’s being executed, I will follow him to be executed as well. But, to be brought back as captive and to be confined for life, this kind of suffering, do you think 10th will be able to stand it?”
Ming Yu prostrates herself before Ruo Xi as they both sob silently. Ruo Xi kneels down, takes Ming Yu’s hands, and commends her as 10th’s wife.
Ming Yu: “I have 10th prince in this life. I have no regrets.”
Ruo Xi: “Don’t worry, the ones who started this are not you all. The ones to blame shouldn’t be you. I will not let 10th Prince suffer anymore.”
This is really THE very moment when Ruo Xi decides to end all the suffering of her beloved childhood friends.
13th speaks up for 10th, asking for a lighter punishment. 4th says he’s already made up his mind.
Are you really being impartial, or are you just set on destroying him?
WORD, 13TH, WORD! 4th will have none of it, and quickly silences 13th.
4th: Enough! I’m punishing him because he deserves it! That bunch of people is scheming and pervasive. You’ve seen it for yourself. I cannot allow for a speck of compassion when dealing with them.
13th: But, have you ever thought about Ruo Xi?…if you do anything to 10th brother, you’re also hurting RUo Xi. Ruo Xi has been hurt enough.
4th: I’m doing this because of Ruo Xi. They will never see the end of me. Then Ruo Xi will have peaceful days…
13th: No, Ruo Xi will not stand aside and do anything. She’s the ‘death-seeking 13th sister’. She will not do nothing. To protect those around her, she’s willing to even sacrifice herself. Do you also want to see Ruo Xi in such a desperate state before you stop?
4th: They are the ones who refuse to stop!…It’s them. It’s all their fault.
True to 13th’s words, Ruo Xi has already been driven to the point of desperation. For the sake of her childhood friends, Ruo Xi has decided to give up her happiness. She enters the room, carrying a tray with a wine pitcher on it. 4th tells her to go back since they’re talking about political issues. (Wives aren’t supposed to interfere.) 13th echoes 4th, but Ruo Xi only smiles at him.
She pours a cup of alcohol and swallows it in one gulp.
“You could say that we were brought together by wine. Our friendship today, will also end with wine.”
4th has this look on his face like he doesn’t want to hear what Ruo Xi is about to say, because both 13th and 4th can tell that Ruo Xi is up to something.
Ruo Xi calmly reveals the truth.
I have come today to tell the truth. You’ve always thought that it was 8th Fu Jin who killed our baby. It’s actually not her. It’s me myself.
Back then, to 8th prince, who was still my brother-in-law, I said a few sentences. I told him to be very very careful of 4th prince, Long Ke Duo, Nian Geng Yao….
4th and 13th are shocked. 13th quickly tries to intervene, but Ruo Xi keeps on going. 13th can only watch helplessly.
I said all these because I know. I know everything. And it’s because I know, I tried to warn him. This is absolute.
Ruo Xi turns to 13th and apologizes for his imprisonment. Seriously, this has also got to be one of the most heart-wrenching moments for Ruo Xi. Having to tell her best friend face to face that she was part of the cause of his 10 year imprisonment has got to be difficult.
“I’m sorry. The one who caused you to be confined for 10 year was actually someone you’ve always trusted so much.”
Ruo Xi bows to 13th in apology. 13th is at a loss for words as he watches his best friend bow to him. Ruo Xi turns to 4th…
On the surface, it was 8th’s bunch that went against you, but was the instigator, directly or indirectly, who caused everyone, is me. The person you love most. All these years, you’ve been hating the wrong person!

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 33

4th stands in shock after the big reveal. He tells her to shut up, but Ruo Xi continues to push all the blame onto herself:
“It’s me! I hurt you and harmed you. The person who caused all this was me. The person you hate is standing in front of you right now.”
4th barely keeps himself under control as he quietly repeats “Get out”. He finally yells “Get out” for the last time.
13th, still the greatest friend ever, walks back with Ruo Xi. The confrontation takes another toll on Ruo Xi, as she begins to clutch her heart. The pain is too much, and Ruo Xi collapses right in front of 13th.
Ruo Xi is almost on the brink of death, since we see her hallucinating almost in a dream-like unconscious state. She’s up in the clouds, and sees Qiao Hui calling her back. Ruo Xi thinks to herself,
“I have nothing. I don’t have Jie Jie, I don’t have Yu Tan…I’ve also lost 4th prince. I have nothing already.”
She wakes up, only to see loyal 13th hovering by her side. AWW!! Right when Ruo Xi is in despair, 13th is there to greet her back with a reassuring smile. I LOVE THESE TWO!!!
“I don’t blame you at all…if there is hate, I can just hate destiny that made a fool out of us. Ruo Xi, promise me that you won’t give up…”
Ruo Xi smiles and weakly tells him how happy she is. 13th cutely says that he’s also happy to have her as a friend. Ruo Xi takes his hand and writes the characters for “14th” on his palm. He asks if there’s something she wants to tell 14th. She nods and makes the “OK” hand motion. AHHHHHHH THIS IS SO NOSTALGIC AND MELANCHOLY!!!!
13th doesn’t quite understand what she means. Ruo Xi only says “I agree”. 13th doesn’t ask any further, and agrees to pass on the word to 14th in exchange for Ruo Xi’s promise not to give up.
14th gets the message from 13th. AHH I MISS 13TH AND 14TH!!! 14th is obviously surprised to finally get the ok from Ruo Xi after waiting for years. 13th asks what she means, but 14th is like, I got this bro, let me handle it.
“Everything is for Ruo Xi.”

4th broods over his dilemma with Ruo Xi. The Empress asks why 4th hasn’t visited Ruo Xi in a while when it clearly hurts him not to see her. She consoles him, speaking up on Ruo Xi’s behalf. Everything that she says makes sense…she points out that Ruo Xi wasn’t even in love with him at the time, and that she was part of 8th’s estate, etc. etc.
Empress: “..your Majesty should understand her, understand her honesty, her sincerity.”
4th: “I know that she is sincere, but to save them, she decided to hurt me. Everything I did for her, she didn’t understand at all. She did not understand.”
Ahhh I love how the empress is able to offer him such solid advice, all the while maintaining a gentle disposition.
Ruo Xi, Qiao Hui, and some other maids overlook the Forbidden City. Ruo Xi apologizes to Qiao Hui for bringing her to the palace, to experience the same things she’s experiencing. Ruo Xi sadly looks up…
“Look. The sky outside is the real sky. Being in the palace, I have always just been a passerby.”
I love this scene because it reminds us how trapped and isolated Ruo Xi feels in the palace. She’s always wanted her freedom and independence, and being in the Forbidden City restricts and suffocates her.
We switch over to the royal court. 14th waltzes in with his marriage decree, issued by the FORMER EMPEROR. He asks for 4th’s approval of a certain marriage…TO MAERTAI RUO XI!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 4th looks at the decree, which is sealed with the former emperor’s own seal. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP. Both 14th and 4th know that 4th is in a huge predicament. Thankfully 4th doesn’t explode, but if I were 14th, I would run away like the wind.
Poor 13th had no clue that the message he helped pass on would inevitably result in the final divide between 4th and Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi asks what he thinks 4th will do. He reasons that if 4th was able to divorce Ming Hui and 8th, then he should also be able to prevent this marriage. Ruo Xi slyly says that if he could disobey this posthumous decree..then he could also disobey ANOTHER posthumous decree…AKA THE ONE WHEN THE FORMER EMPEROR NAMED HIS SUCCESSOR. OOOOHHHHHHH. 13th will not let Ruo Xi say such things about 4th.
13th: Ruo Xi, is it really impossible for everything to go back to normal?
Ruo Xi: It’s impossible to go back to the past. Yu Tan died, the child is gone. You were in solitary confinement for 10 years…These all stand between us. We cannot pretend that nothing has happened. Right now, I just want to leave.
Ruo Xi says that she didn’t know 14th had the royal decree, but that if marriage is the only way out, she’s willing to go to that extent.
“I trust that 14th prince will not force me. I marry him in name only.”
13th shakes his head after hearing the “in name only” part. How ironic that Ruo Xi, who was so adamant about marrying only for love, now must marry in name only for the sake of escaping the palace.
4th asks 13th if Ruo Xi really cannot bear to live in the palace anymore. 13th cautiously replies that Ruo Xi might not be meant to live here, because her mind is unlike everyone else’s.
4th: “Could it be that she is not from the same era as us?”
Suddenly 4th remembers when Ruo Xi told him “I’M NOT FROM THIS TIME PERIOD” and puts two and two together. He says to himself that it can’t be, but then bursts out
“So what if she isn’t from our time period. Is there a difference?”
13th can only look down in reply.
I LOVE THIS SCENE!!! Every scene with the Empress in it is so beautifully done!! Ruo Xi and the empress go walking out in the garden. The empress carefully asks Ruo Xi if she could consider letting go for the emperor, so that they [4th and Ruo Xi] can both live together for the rest of their lives.
Ruo Xi: I don’t want to harm anyone, but someone gets hurt because of me…I cannot accept that.
Empress: Can you really bear to leave the emperor? Can you truly let go of all those feelings during these past years?
Ruo Xi: I can’t, but I still have to.
The Empress doesn’t criticize Ruo Xi at all. She gently leaves Ruo Xi with a small bit of advice–to think it over well and to only decide once she’s absolutely sure.
The doctor informs Ruo Xi that her life expectancy is only a few more years at the most.
8th talks alone with 4th. He tells 4th EVERYTHING about his past relationship with Ruo Xi. 4th listens to the entire story while clenching his fists. Omg everything’s gonna boil over at this rate…first the big reveal, second the marriage decree, and lastly 8th’s relationship with Ruo Xi. 8th has GUTS!!!!!
After hearing the whole truth about Ruo Xi & 8th, 4th visits Ruo Xi with a somber, detached look on his face. 4th is now distant and harsh towards Ruo Xi.
“I finally understand why you could never let go of 8th. I’ve understood why you had him take precaution against me. When he was kneeling in the hall, you were accompanying him in the temple.”
Ruo Xi asks if 9th was the one to tell him this. 4th replies he actually wishes it were…but it was 8th. He quietly tells her about all her happy memories with 8th. He gets to Ruo Xi and 8th’s vow to be together forever..when Ruo Xi begins crying and begs him not to say any more. 4th looks at Ruo Xi with this heartwrenching look of disbelief and hurt.
“When he was telling me all these, I said that over and over again in my heart, but I could only listen on. I could only listen to it! Do you know how that feels like? Do you know how hurt I am? So it’s true that words can kill a person. What 8th brother said is like a knife stabbing me one by one.”
And 4th starts LAUGHING while he cries. OMGGGGGGG. Ruo Xi reaches toward 4th’s face. Since 4th is hurting, she’s hurting too, and she desperately wants to comfort him. But 4th grabs her hand instead of letting her touch his face, and pushes her away.
“I won’t allow you to touch me anymore. I said before that the only thing I’m afraid of is that you will leave me. Right now, I’m not afraid of anything.”
He leaves Ruo Xi crying her heart out.
4th grants 14th the marriage with Ruo Xi. Before an altar, Ruo Xi recites a poem she wrote:
“I knew him before I met him, but now meeting is as good as not seeing each other. Cutting off ties with the Emperor in order to kill ourselves with longing.”
It’s finally Ruo Xi’s last day in the Forbidden City. Ruo Xi leaves by a horse-drawn carriage. 4th watches the carriage leave as he cries to himself. 4th reaches behind his back to grab his braid. He brings it in front of him, and looks at it while recalling how Ruo Xi grabbed his braid. He grips it and cries.
13th accompanies Ruo Xi on her way out. He offers her a drink, reminiscent of their first meeting and the start of their friendship.
8th appears to bid Ruo Xi farewell. AHHHHHHH. THIS IS SUCH A PERFECT SCENE, OMG. Ruo Xi slowly walks out to meet 8th. 8th walks toward her.
Ruo Xi bows and thanks him for helping her leave the palace. 8th modestly says that he had his own desires, but then goes on to say that 14th will definitely treat her well, and that his house will be good for her health.
“Treat everything in the past as dead, and from now, it’s a new beginning.”
Ruo Xi asks if there’s anything he wants to say to 14th.
“My end is near, there’s nothing left to be said.”
“You know what I’m thinking. Since you know, you will be able to understand. No hard feelings. In this lifetime, we are not fated. Whatever it is, we’ll leave it to the next.”
8th gets teary, and tells her to go. She bows again and turns to leave. Suddenly Ruo Xi tearfully thinks to herself that she might not ever see 8th again. She turns around and runs to hug 8th.
8th is taken aback at first, but he gently pats her on the back. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
“Forget about the palace, forget about all of us.”
He wipes Ruo Xi’s tears, joking that she needs to look more like a bride, so she should stop crying. Ruo Xi does her best to put on a smile for 8th. 8th is still teary, but he keeps himself together and tells her to quickly go. AHHHHHHHHH. 13th wonders why 8th told 4th everything, without sparing a thought for Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi clarifies that 8th did that to make 4th let go, and to let her leave the palace. 13th looks back at 8th,
“It seems he’s still the virtuous 8th prince who values his relationships.”
They ride away in the carriage, leaving behind 8th. Ruo Xi catches one last glimpse of 8th as they ride away. SO SAD!!!!
Time for the last goodbye….TO 13TH. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Both of them don’t really know how to handle this last goodbye. They get it done and over with as quickly as they can, probably because if they didn’t, it would be even more painful for them.
13th: “When the grass is green next year, old friend will no longer look the same.
Ruo Xi: The sea holds our closest friends, and the ends of the earth are our neighbors.”
13th grabs Ruo Xi in a short hug. He simply tells her to take care, and then pulls away. Ruo Xi quickly gets in the carriage and rides away, all the while crying in Qiao Hui’s arms.



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  3. these were before Yanxi Palace. and waaaay better


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