Feb 16, 2016

Yummy Bika Milk Biscuits...

Everyone knows that nutrition is essential for your child’s mental and physical vitality. It gives them the energy, help to sharpen their minds and help them grow and learn...

Hua Huat Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading snack food manufacturer in Malaysia marketing their products under the established brand name of "BIKA" and a couple of other brand names. They have been around for about 30 years and pride themself with the use of natural ingredients to make their snacks, of which the major ingredient is tapioca. BIKA products are marketed in over 20 countries. 

And recently BIKA ventured into creating more healthy and wholesome snacks or rather biscuits...

The new BIKA Milk Biscuit is packed with lots of goodness and enriched with 4 vitamins & 3 essential minerals for the growing needs of your child...It is packed in convenient little packs of 60gms (approximately 16pcs of biscuits, in one pack) to satisfy your children's  or even our own need for snacking...

It is sweet in taste, but not over sweet. I can taste the milk in it... quite similar to condense milk kind of taste....and as you can see, my daughter who is very picky enjoys the biscuits when she comes back from her co-curriculum activities...

So grab a pack and try it... For more info, check out www.bika.com.my

Thanks to Seeties.me and BIKA for the opportunity.


  1. it is my childhood fave! :D looks like the packaging has changed eh

  2. milk biscuits like these are the best la. Trying to think back if i've tried these before, i think i have!

    dunk it in milo, or milk.. yummmm

    1. exactly.. you should get some for your boys... heheh

  3. Looks so yummy! I wanna eat milk biscuit too!

  4. It looks so yummy! I wanna let my girls try them too hehe

  5. Looks delicious and healthy. I'm sure my Little Angels will love it too.

  6. I always love milk biscuit. Its my savior for easy breakfast..haha..but never try bika before, Naomie said its nice, should try soon.

  7. Yummy! My niece also like milk biscuit! I will ask my sister to try buy it! ;)

  8. I can't wait to receive my package. Looks yummy with coffee and milk also.

  9. Sometimes, I like to munch on biscuit as afternoon snack, will try out this brand :)

  10. wow! the milky biscuit looks so so yummy! I wanna eat too...boleh belanja I satu packet kah? :P
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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