Feb 5, 2016

Rana Daggubati launches Country Club Fitness FTX in Malaysia

Did you know there was some excitement  at the Patent House along Jalan Bukit Bintang recently... And why not Rana Daggubati, who was the main character in the recent Bollywood film, Baahubali: The Beginning (https://www.facebook.com/RanaDaggubati/) was in town. Rana who flew in all the way from Hyderabad, was also rated as the #1 Most Desirable Man in 2014 by Hyderabad Times. He was here in Kuala Lumpur to grace the launch of the Country Club Fitness FTX Kuala Lumpur Branch as its spokesperson and ambassador.

 Country Club Group which is pretty well known for its clubbing, resort and fitness properties across the world enters Malaysia with its unique fitness concept Country Club FTX. 

The brand originates from Hyderabad, India, and it has already more than 100 outlets worldwide including 25 fitness centers. Recently, the brand threw a huge party for 15,000 people in Dubai to welcome the new year....

Anyway, Country Club Fitness FTX has found a 'home' at the 4th floor of Patent House in Bukit Bintang. Patent House is just right opposite Fahrenheit 88 and right next to the Grand Millenium Hotel. Country Club Fitness FTX aims to help Malaysians to be fit and healthy, with their unique technology from Australia, and a 45-minute functional training exercise for optimal benefits. 

The launch was graced by guests-of-honour, Datuk M. Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Y. Rajeev Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Country Club Group, Y. Varun Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Country Club Group, as well as the very macho Indian movie star Rana Daggubati.

Mr. Y Rajeev Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Country Club Group  recalls that his very first visit outside India was to Malaysia at the age of 20 and it had been love at first sight. 

Malaysia and India historically have shared strong trade relations and similar socio-economic values and cultures. Thus, it gives him great pleasure and happiness to be back in Malaysia introducing his brand here. 

 Country Club presently has over 475,000 members across India and the rest of the world. hey pride themselves as pioneers in the field of specialty services including holiday destinations, clubbing, social events, health and fitness.. 

As Country Club Group forge ahead and penetrate new markets and countries with all their specialty services, they target to continue being recognized in every country as pioneers in their field.

 Every year, the Economic Times, India’s leading newspaper, recognizes and awards the Top 50 inspiring entrepreneurs of India for excellence in their respective fields and in 2015, Country Club was the only company recognized and awarded in the field of leisure specialty services. 

Mr. Y Rajeev Reddy says, “Personally to me, health and fitness are very important part of our lives and when I got the opportunity to expand my business in Malaysia in the health and fitness industry, I was very excited.” 

“I am confident that you all will love the experience at our world class FTX Fitness centre right here in the heart of the city. I take this opportunity to thank Datuk M. Saravanan for gracing this occasion and look forward to forging stronger relations with Malaysia and the Malaysian Government.”  

“I am glad to be here in Malaysia to witness the launch of this fitness centre, as well as to share my workout demonstration with all of you. Maintaining my body figure is part of my job. Because of my time limitations, I am very glad to have discovered this 45-minute functional training, which can give great results while make the most out of my time in the gym,” said Rana Daggubati who took to the stage and gave his speech. 

Some ladies were heard sighing and swooning over his perfect physique and good looks... heheh 

Country Club Fitness FTX is the first exclusive functional training studio in Kuala Lumpur which offers a radically different fitness method to burn high calories, cut fat rapidly, build stamina and endurance, improve body balance, enhance joint mobility, tone your muscles, and to shape a person’s body in an efficient manner. This functional studio is the first of its kind and combines technology with HIIT – Hi interval intense training

Photo opportunity with the VIPs...Left to Right... Datuk M Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports; Rana  Daggubati, Indian Movie Star; Mr Y Rajeev Reddy, Chairman and Managing DIrector for Country Club Group and Mr Varun Reddy, Chief Operating Officer Country Club Group...

Datuk M Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports gave his congratulatory message and speech...

Rana, who sported a well-toned body with very defined six packs, thrilled the some what 200 fitness fans as well as members of the media who came to meet him at the Country Club Fitness’ 45-minute HIIT workout demonstration at the launch. 

Along with Datuk M Saravanan, and Mr Varun Reddy, the three men demostrated the Hi Interval Intense Training which was kinda interesting.

There are about 9  different high intensity workout such as sit ups, weights, pulling, etc...etc... all done within 40 seconds each... 

Once the 40 seconds are up, you  move on to the next exercise until all 9 different workouts are finished and then you begin again repeatedly for about 8-9 times (I think), until the 45 minutes are up...

 Country Club Fitness FTX will have personal trainers to assist all new members through the workouts until they familiarize themselves with the exercise and the equipments there at no additional cost!!

Personally, I can't wait to try it out... and *wink wink* just "cuci mata" all those macho macho personal trainers....hehehe....

For more information please visit:-



Let's get exercising.... hehehe


  1. awww seriously i need to start working out after feasting out so much! gym time, babe!

    1. I agree, high time for me to put that gym membership to use... lol

  2. Miera jom lets go exercise and live a healthy fitness life. Maybe plan it after Chinese New Year XD

    1. Absolutely... must start after Chinese New Year since we are all stuffing food down our throats only.. LOL

  3. So many gyms out there. So hard to choose. There's actually quite a few reasonably priced ones out there but all are a distance away from my home. Think I'll just stick to kicking and punching banana trees outside my house. :(

    1. this is not your average gym. It is a 45-minute HIIT workout that finishes in 45 minutes... like I said... 9 different workouts.. 40 seconds each... and repeat... very high impact....there are certainly no treadmills and so on here

  4. thanks for this, am also checking for suitable fitness club to join for healthy life in 2016 :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. yaaayyy.. come join me here... this is pretty amazing and fast.. just 45 minutes of high impact workout... twice a week or so should be good...

  5. Good start to new year with a healthy and fit lifestyle. Wish I could do it this year.

  6. wow nice. thanks for recommending! am looking for gym to join. <3 Happy Chinese New Year!

  7. Definitely something I need to look into. Hahahaha. All the celebrations really make me feel like I need a break.

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  9. Wow, look at their bodies, so fit and muscular, I wonder what's their secret ;)

  10. fitness club! I want to join but shy! huhu.But I think joining Fitness club is compulsory now day. lot of fats!

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  12. Awh definitely need to go to the gym soon - been missing out so much. Cheers to the recommendation dear!


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