Feb 18, 2016

Keio Plaza Hotel makes dreams come true...

A majority of women love cute stuff, Hello Kitty, dreams of being a princess or looking like one, and love indulging in beautiful and scrumptious desserts.. and while you are in Japan, of course, there is nothing better than experiencing and learning about Japan’s culture  and healthy Japanese food… Now there is one hotel in Tokyo, that makes these dreams a reality for their guests…

Yours truly was at the Yellow Apron in PJ recently to meet up with the Keio Plaza's marketing and communications team as well as the CEO of Tokyo Luxey in a fun filled get to know each other kind of thing....

One of the biggest hotels around in Tokyo, Japan, the Keio Plaza Hotel is almost like a small town or city on it’s own. It is here you can experience how life in a hotel should really be like.

Each of the Keio Plaza Hotel’s 1,436 rooms offers guests an elegant atmosphere where they can relax, be themselves and have an unforgettable stay there…

You will want for nothing staying in this amazing hotel. There is complimentary WiFi service in all rooms, full support for doing business during your stay at the very well equipped Business Centre there, and even special rooms for those in need (handicapped/infirmed etc) which includes electric reclining beds and original sofas fitted with assistance functions. 

You will also be able to fing a gorgeous Sky Pool, lobby gallery featuring top Japanese artist’s masterpieces, a well equipped fitness room, nursing room for mothers who breast feed, surau for the Muslims, children’s playroom, medical clinic, meeting rooms, hair salon, esthetic salon, reflexology, flower shop, photo studio, changing rooms, Poppins Food Boutique , Seikatsu Saika Convenience Store selling amazingly adorable souvenirs and plushies and a shopping arcade…

And these are not all there is… there is also a tea ceremony room, countless restaurants and bars serving cuisines from Japan and all around the world as well and several bars and lounges… and if you are having a party or a function, there are the Grand Banquet Halls you can check out or even te amazing 150 meters above the city Sky Banquet Rooms….

Japanese culture enthusiasts or visitors longing to enjoy the Japanese culture will be thrilled to check out the spectacular in-house exhibition of the time-honored hina-matsuri festival, which is a special springtime occasion for families to pray for good health and growth of their female children. 

You will be amazed and thrilled at the 6,000 handmade silk dolls hanging in the Keio Plaza Hotel’s public spaces. These meticulously crafted dolls brings to mind the medieval Japanese court life.

You can also admire the hanging ornaments for the hina-matsuri, mostly created using precious antique silk cloths and painstakingly handmade to make sure every single stitch is perfect…The motifs each carry their own meaning as a charm to bring happiness and grant wishes to Japanese girls..

At the same time, you can also master the art of gift wrapping (origata), a Japanese wrapping culture that reflects the strict rules of decorum observed by upper class samurai families for over six centuries…where both the paper and folding styles differ depending on the recipient and what is being wrapped… 

Another art to master would be the art of the knot (musubi) that can turn a single string into anything from a flower to a butterfly. These art of the knot is very unique as once you untie it, the perfect knot is hard to reproduce. The method of this knots are also used for the kimonos worn by the hina-matsuri dolls.

Come imagine yourself a samurai princess or a Japanese royalty… by getting yourself photographed in an authentic wedding kimono fit for royalty. 

You can take a picture of yourself with the hina-matsuri ornaments as a backdrop or even at a Japanese-style shrine…

Price: For women/men 32,400 yen, For a couple 54,000 yen

For those who have a sweet tooth like me… You really won’t want to miss out on All Day Dining Jurin’s sweet buffet where you can indulge yourself on a mouth watering variety of sweets and snacks while relaxing in a refreshing garden bursting with greenery… 

The strawberry fair includes more than 30 different kind of delicacies , featuring large Japanese strawberries, for an unforgettable afternoon treat…

And for fans of the adorable Hello Kitty, you really do not want to miss out on the chance to stay in one of the two very exclusive Hello Kitty rooms there is there at the Keio Plaza Hotel.

 There is the Princess Kitty room which is a very tranquil room themed on Hello Kitty as a princess at a private resort…

and then there is the Kitty Town room, a Hello Kitty pop atmosphere room that follows Hello Kitty on her visits to sites in Tokyo… 

Whoever stays at one of these amazing Hello Kitty rooms can even bring home a Keio Plaza Hotel original HELLO KITTY doll and indulge in an unforgettably adorable Hello Kitty Breakfast which will be served in your room..

There you have it… don’t you think you really have to really check out this amazing hotel….it is located in the heart of Shinjuku.. 

Good Neighbor Shuttle Bus

for those who want to go to Tokyo Disneyland, there is even a free shuttle there!!!!

 The Keio Plaza Hotel is indeed a dream hotel everyone should visit…I do so want to go there and experience it all... don't you?

Check them out at : http://www.keioplaza.com

Thanks to Reia Ayunan, Tokyo Luxey and Keio Plaza Hotel for inviting me to the event. 
Note: pictures of the hotel and rooms are all credit to the KeioPlaza website and facebook page and are used for decorative purposes...someday if I get the chance, I will of course share my own pictures...


  1. i have seen cheesie blogging bout Keio too. indeed a dreamland for girls :D

    1. Cheesie probably got to fly there and stay there... hahhah.. how to compare with cheesie...

  2. with that type of decor, so pretty, really a dream come true then :D..

    tokyo disneyland! lovely for the kids, but i did not have that much fun the last time i was there ><

    1. Oh Isaac... I want to go to Tokyo Disney land so bad... the last time I was there was on a wrong day and I could not go in as got super long queue and we did not have so much time...

  3. I wanna stay in this hotel.. So cute and nice leh~~~

  4. gosh! I wanna come and stay here too! Love the sky pool!

    1. Me too.... dun know when I can get rezeki stay here...

  5. Okay, I will try to check out Keio Plaza Hotel when I visit Japan the next time. Who knows?

  6. Wow! Very nice hotel! I wish I can get invitation to go for their hotel review lo...hee...hee...cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  7. Huge Hello Kitty fans here! Keio Plaza Hotel is my dream come true. =)

  8. really nice hotel , too bad couldn't make it and wish i can have a stay there too

  9. cant wait to see u in the hotel! enjoy tokyo

  10. nice hotel and cute too..make me wanna go there and stay for at least 1 day, just to enjoy the ambience...will put it my list..hehe

  11. The hotel is in Japan is it? I thought it's in Malaysia. I bet so many girls will go crazy over this hotel

  12. OMG! I wanna stay there if got the chance. All Hello Kitty furnitures there are adorable!!!

  13. I want to stay at the Hello Kitty rooms, it's like dream comes true for me :)

  14. This place is so adorable! I really would love to visit Japan

  15. I stayed in KEIO plaza hotel during my last trip to Tokyo. Its really awesome and near to train station as well. I love the buffet breakfast there.

  16. dang! i wish they had this when i visited Tokyo. On a side note, I had a good time and memory staying at Keio Plaza Hotel. Very strategic for a runner and foodie.


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