Feb 18, 2016

Roaring Lions and Dragon Dance Performance at Concorde Shah Alam

Like a blogger friend said.. there is nothing more thrilling then to watch a lion dance performance and it can make even us grown ups feel like little kiddies standing at the sidelines clapping away gleefully...to more or less quote famous food blogger Miss Ivy from www.foodmsia.com ...

I know I feel the thrill every time I see a lion dance performance and I can never resist watching one whenever I can... so that is why this CNY I have probably seen about a dozen or so lion dance performances... and all of them are pretty fun and unique in their own ways...Northern Lion dance... Southern Lion dance but when it comes to dragon dance... errmm... I have yet to see one... well, at least until yesterday at the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam....when I finally got to see my first dragon dance, and probably the last one of the year..

I took this picture of the fierce looking neon green dragon while the troupe was setting up their poles and stuff...

Anyway, I was at the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam thanks to the invitation from the sales and marketing team. Concorde Hotel Shah Alam proudly presented the acrobatic Lion dance performance by Hok Seng Dance Centre to usher in the Year of the Monkey.

Leo Llambi, General Manager of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam said that Concorde Hotel Shah Alam added a Dragon Dance performance to the usual two lions from previous years, believing this will bring everyone more good fortune and good health for the New Year....

The event started with the two gold lions making their rounds to bless the management offices and F&B outlets...

A prosperity platter was served up to Leo Llambi after he patiently watched the lions antics in his office.

The lions then moved on to the outer offices and back to the lobby.......


A silvery white lion then showed off his acrobatic stunts to the watching hotel staff, hotel guests as well as some members of the Southern Tigers Johor Darul Ta'zim Football Club who arrived in time for the performance in two shiny silver coaches.

The performance was definitely thrilling as we watched the lion leap effortlessly from pole to pole...

I just love taking pictures of these lion dance performances though I know I still have a long way to master the art of photography to perfection.. 

The dancers were very skilled... and it showed in their performance...

Especially this one..when both dancers in the lion spin around on just one pole...heaven knows I cannot even imagine moving around let alone spinning around on that pole.. I bet I would be up there frozen in fear except for trembling...

The cute part when the lion preened itself as how a cat would do...

When the performance on the pole was over, the silver lion then approach Leo Llambi and handed him some lettuce - symbolizing great new beginnings

And a little bow of respect.....

Then the Dragon dance began... the music is slightly less louder then the one for the Lions...Drums, cymbals and gongs provide the tune for the dragon dance

Let me share a little about what I learned about these dragons...Dragons are legendary animals, which are important to the Chinese who believe that the dragons are helpful, friendly creatures. 

Chinese Dragons are associated with storm clouds and life-giving rain. They have special powers so they can fly in the air, swim in the sea and walk on land. The Dragon are said to have features of other animals such as the horns of a stag, the scales of a fish and the footpads of a tiger

Dragon dances are performed at New Year to scare away evil spirits. During the dance the performers hold poles and raise and lower the Dragon. 

Dragons are thought to bring good luck to people, so it is believed, the longer the dragon is in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. The dragons are thought to possess qualities that include great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. 

The appearance of a dragon is both fierce but it has a benevolent disposition, and it was an emblem to represent imperial authority in China, Korea and Japan. 

 Green is a main color of the dragon, like this dragon here at the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, believe to symbolize great harvest. The dragon moved in a wave-like pattern which was pretty mesmerizing to watch...The movements in a performance traditionally symbolize historical roles of dragons demonstrating power and dignity. 

Hotel guests and staff were all seen mesmerized and somewhat hypnotized by the movements of the dragon during their performance....

When the dragon dance was over, the first two lions appeared again to create another Prosperity Platter at the lobby area

While one lion was busy hard at work, the second playful lion took it on himself to tease his partner by biting his partner's tail as well as chasing after some kids much to the kids delight and rubbing against onlookers...

The prosperity platter was then served up and given to Leo Llambi.

Photo opportunity with the amazing management team of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam...

As a finale, the two golden lions then cooperated and perform another acrobatic act to secure the ang pow given by the hotel management as a sign of appreciation...

For more pictures and the latest updates and news, do follow Concorde Hotel Shah Alam's facebook page or instagram page


  1. Good stuff. Should record video. LOL. Always love ot watch Lion Dance performance.

    1. I am bad a video recording... huhuh.. will learn to try it though...

  2. I used to like to watch Lion performance since I was a kid. LOL~ Agreed with Mike, should record a video for it. =)

    1. Must learn from you two vloggers... hahaha....

    2. I agree Miera, You should get into vlogging!

  3. wah so many lion dance pics.. tong tong chiang! always love a good lion dance performance :D

  4. I like to think of Lion Dance as lions that have put on make up. Hahaha.

  5. Somehow I feel Lion Dance looks really cute I think mainly because of the furry design hahaha! Btw the color of the Lion dance is so ONG!

  6. dont know y, i love watching lion dance. haha. that yellow/orange color lion looks awesome.

  7. Me too!! I love to see lion dance.
    Out of sudden I feel the lions you captured were very cute!

  8. Always like the energetic lion dance performance, will try to stay till it finish if I'm free :)

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