Feb 27, 2016

First Intense Treatment Essence by Pure Beauty

So yours truly was at the exclusive launch of the First Intense Treatment Essence by Pure Beauty a few days ago. This launch was held in partnership with CLEO, Malaysia’s leading young women’s magazine at the gorgeous WOLO Penthouse in Bukit Bintang..

Pure Beauty is a brand exclusive to Watsons. The products are developed and made in Korea with the promise of using the best of natural ingredients supported with latest science & technology...

 Pure Beauty’s First Intense Treatment Essence contains 95.3% of Galatomyces, an enrich fermented yeast concentrate containing amino acid, vitamin and enzyme and also enriched with Bulgarian Rose for hydrating purposes.

This treatment essence claims to turn dull skin to luminous and clear skin within two weeks and the development of this product is inspired by the Korean everyday beauty must-do. 

The First Treatment Essence is being applied to the skin as the first step after using the cleanser and followed by the rest of the skin care regime repeated twice daily. 

Using the First Intense Treatment Essence can reduce fine lines, minimize the appearance of pores, and you can get more hydrated skin, even out skin tone, smoother and soft to touch. 

There were a lot of photo and instagram worthy areas around the WOLO penthouse and it was also decorated with little signs with Korean Beauty Rituals tips..which was pretty great tips...

I found this an amazing idea... normally I would just chuck the cotton pad in the dustbin, and now I know there are other uses for it.. we can use the leftover essence for elbows, knees and ankles... hehehe.. I added the ankles bit...

1ST INTENSE TREATMENT ESSENCE is an extension product to the Pure Beauty family with the naked name, the Amazing Essence. Contains 95.3% of Galactomyces (enriched fermented yeast concentrate which contains amino acid, vitamin and enzyme), known to be effective for brightening & skin elasticity. Instantly, skin is brighter, smoother, and softens and yes, it is almost as good as that Miracle Water we know of and half the price...or a fraction of that price!!!

 After using it for 2 weeks, your skin will look more luminous and firmer. The First Intense Treatment Essence is also enriched with Bulgarian Rose Water, which acts as a multi-effect solution agent to help our skin restore itself to its youthful flawless state. 

Rose Water is known to soothe mild sensitive skin and restore hydration. It is formulated WITHOUT harmful ingredients such as paraben, lanolin and alcohol. 

It can be used/paired with the any skin care products too as a function to enhance the overall skin care regime performance. Suitable for all skin-types

How to use: 1) As the 1st Intense Treatment Essence - Just use a cotton pad and apply it on your skin after cleansing. Then follow by the rest of the skin care regime. It prepares, soften and treats the skin. 

2) As Intense Mask - Soak up a DIY mask sheet (which you can also get from Watsons) with this essence and apply it on skin for 15 – 20 minutes for the skin to absorb the essence fully. You will see the difference... I kid you not

Claudia Low, the Editor of CLEO magazine doing a little sharing...

“The introduction of First Intense Treatment Essence by Pure Beauty is our commitment to continue providing our valued customers innovative products at the store. As one of our leading exclusive brand, we are confident it will continue to taste success and popularity amongst consumers,” said Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia

Malaysian YouTube sensation, Charis Ow shared her experience using the essence, “I take extra care of my skin because I travel frequently. And I could spot the difference after applying The First Intense Treatment Essence as it improves the hydration on my skin.”

Amber Chia sharing her product experience with Pure Beauty 1st Intense Treatment Essence during the chit chat session told members of the media and blogger’s community. “After a week of consistent use, my skin now feels more fresh and supple. The First Intense Treatment Essence really plumps up my skin and soothes it and my skin feels great and looks healthy. It works wonders around the eye area too. I’ve notice fewer lines and dark circles.” 

The VIPs and Watsons Celebrity friends officially launching the First Intense Treatment Essence...

(L-R) Dato Kee Hua Chee, Claudia Low, Editor of CLEO magazine, Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia, Amber Chia, Malaysia’s top model, Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia and Charis Ow, YouTuber 

When the launch was done, we were also treated to a DIY class on how you could make your own Rose Water and why...

Just get some fresh rose petals....

You can gently pound them so their essences and natural oils comes out....

Then put it in a clean pot to boil.. before transferring it to a small spray bottle. However the water can only be used for a couple of days before you have to throw it since this is natural and contains no preservatives or chemicals.. LOL

 So, go get your First Intense Treatment Essence which is now available at all Watsons nationwide with selling price of  just RM119.90!!!


  1. Good to use it as a mask. Love the moisturizing effect :)

  2. good to know now have this can try. This date not able to go as 3pm was waiting son near school.

  3. My face needs sos asap too much air cond lately.
    Gonna be hardworking a bit to put some masks on my face.
    Miss ya :)

  4. Looks like another solution to my skin woes. I am keen to get hold of this to experience it myself!

  5. Looks like another options to take extra care of our skin. And thank God that Watsons is everywhere too.

  6. Awww....too bad I'm unable to attend this event due to work =(

  7. It seen that thew event was a good one,this product looks interesting and I would like to try it someday. I want to travel there and try everything that is beauty, those products are not here in Puerto Rico where I live.

  8. I love the mild rose scent of this product! Nice event great to catch up with you girls :)

  9. too bad i didnt join. looks like a very rosy nice event. love pure beauty!

  10. Too bad I miss this event.. Looks so nice and can meet Amber Chia!

  11. I love the tip on the cotton pad! Quite a waste to just throw it away once we are done with the face and neck. Noted on elbows, knees and ankles. THANX for the tip Miera.

  12. New product to try on. should check it at watsons soon.. :)

  13. Awh the event looked lovely dear and Amber is as always stunning :) Looks like such fun!

  14. i love rose water too! am using the one from Melvita now :) will try out this soon ya
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. is it a glass bottle?

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